Writing Prompts for Writers

Write prompts for authors

Receive a FREE daily command prompt. Fiction teaching writing to teens is a much different undertaking than any other type of writing to another age. They' re for you to play with. Here is my selection of some of the best creative writing guides I have found in my career as a professional author. Every week new prompts are added!

Get your writing started with creative prompts

Are you interested in integrating a free writing habits into your daily life, but are you scared of the empty page? Or, maybe you just want to take your creativity to a new level. One way or another, these imaginative writing instructions, useful for poetics and fantasy, will get you writing. I had a teacher who used this command line with good results in my group.

To try to expand the practice, start phrases with "My Mother" or "Her/His Mother" or "Our Mother". Here is an energy training for children by Maya Angelou (published by the Poetry Foundation), adjusted for any age. This encourages you to deepen your knowledge in two of the most fruitful subjects for writing.

Your writing practice begins with a short introduction to someone's hand and then asks you to construct on it in an unanticipated way. But I found that invitation in Beth Baruch Joselow's Writing Without the Muse, but she could just as well have come from Woody Allen's Alice. In some cases, the simple use of new words can be an inspiration for your writing to take a new course.

Some randomly selected words will form a new emphasis for today's writing in this tutorial. The Right to Use Writing Guide is part of Julia Cameron's writing guide, The Right to Work, which was revised for this website a few years ago. Recently reviewing her classical work, The Artist's Way, I recalled this writing practice and found it worth publishing here, as a stand-alone practice and as an example of the kind of proposals she makes in her work.

When you think you don't have enough writing to do, think again. Find out what you can create with a single sentence of writing instructions and ten of your own ten-minute time in this imaginative writing practice based on Rita Dove's Ten-Minute Spinn. A lot of folks are amazed at how much writing they make by just setting everything else aside for a little while and just concentrating on their fictions.

Sometime all you need to start engaging your writing through a different mean.

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