Writing Prompt Topics

Write Prompt Topics

The development of creative and rigorous writing tasks can be a challenge. The TELPAS prompts for high school. Are you looking for interesting ideas for your Creative Writing or Language Arts course? There is a list of hundreds of topics on this page. A small revision can turn them into prompts or serve as ideas for your authors.

A few great writing journals for children are:

Writing journals calls for a set of motivating and resourceful to help make life enjoyable, fun and enjoyable for everyone on their journals. 1. when I woke up in the morning and everything turned for the better, what has happened then?

Create a poetry about your favourite character, pet or place. Which is your favourite tune and why? Which is your favourite season? A few great writing journals for children are: Journals topics for children with requests to publish journals: I can' t help encouraging those around me to do friendlier things for each other.

One thinks of it as a period of a new beginning - what would you like to do this year? What does the symbol of jumping be? Which changes could you make from early this year? So what are five ways our college can begin to recycle? What can environmental protection do to make us more healthy?

Send a note to a policeman about the importance of environmental protection.

English-language art

Which is the best way to deal with pushy persons? So what's the best anniversary present you've ever had? Which is the best gift you can get for your birthdays? So what's something that makes you upset? Which is your favorite vacation? Why is this vacation so unique? If you could just go whenever you wanted, what would you do?

If there was no TV, what would have happened? And what would be if everyone were to live in orbit? So what would have happened if no one ever cooperated? If it really rained down on a cat or dog, what would it do? And what would have happened if the beasts could speak? Whenever you wanted, what would you do?

If everyone was wearing the same clothing, what would be happening? So what would you do if you dropped a lump of garbage on the floor? And what would happend if you were to love your neighbor as yourself? So what happens when you grow bigger than a tree? And what would happend if kids were to rule the worid? If there were no automobiles, busses, trains, ships or airplanes, what would be happening?

How would humans be living? Where would kids be playing? How would the college look like? If you found it in your garden, what would you do? But what would you do if a boyfriend borrowed things from you and never returned them? If your boyfriend had a fractured bone, what would you do?

If there was only one hoog remaining and neither you nor your boyfriend had one, what would you do? If you were at home and your schoolwork? So what would you do if someone you didn't think was amusing would tell you a gag?

and his mother didn't know he was there? If someone were to tell you it's okay to shoplift from a big mall? How would you do if you saw a boyfriend cheat - tell it, face the boyfriend, nothing - and why?

Who would you take with you if you could only take 3 persons on a Worldtour? So if you were headmaster of this college, what would you do? What do you think would be happening if there were no regulations? When you own a shop, what would you do to stop folks from taking from you?

What would you do if your boyfriend was telling you a confidential scheme to run away from home, and why? How do you feel about those who pollute the world? How would you feel about making sure you make sure things work the way you want them to? How do you feel about those who are ruthless towards others?

In your opinion, what should be done to keep those who are under the impact of drink off the streets? How do you feel about those who exploit others? So what makes a good mate? How do you feel about pupils wearing uniform?

Which TV or film celebrity would you like to host for your anniversary celebration? Which regulations do you have to observe at home? So what makes your best buddy your best buddy? Where can you be sure? How does observing force affect humans? How does tobacco and alcoholic beverages promotion affect youngsters?

Which is better than going to university? So far, what has been the most enjoyable part of our schooling? Which excentric behavior of a boyfriend bothers you the most? When it' your goddamn birthdays, how do you do? Why? How do you at the first morning of hibernation? If you were on a show, how would you be?

Why? How do you always when you do something bad? What do you think when you do something very good? So how do you always when you' re playing a prank on someone? If a new kid were to move into your neighborhood, how would you like it? Well, how would the new kid be?

So how do you always get to be when you argue with your best mate? What do you think your boyfriend felt? What do you think when you lie in your bedroom with the light switched off? What does it like to want something very bad and not have it? So how do you fell on a hot, sunshiny outing?

So how do you fell if you stick with a sitter? What do you think when you leave home on holiday? So how do you always when you' re sleeping with someone? What do you think of a storm? So how do you feeling on your first lesson date? So how do you empathize when your folks are mad at you?

So how do you do on Thanksgiving? What do you fee (any holiday)? What do you think you do when something frightens you? If someone were to tell you you were his or her best mate... how would you like it? What do you think of your looks? Describe how to enjoy your favourite games.

So when are you proud? If your boyfriend was in an awkward position, what did you do? If it could offend her emotions, how do you really empathize when you tell your freind? If someone else is being picked on, how do you then? What is the most important day for you - Canada Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day - and why?

What makes you think that some folks are encouraging others to quit smokin' and drinkin'? What makes you think the regulations you have to obey are good or not? What makes you think some folks take advantage of others? Is there a clothing regulation in schools, as well as in shops and canteens? Do you want to ban smokers in certain places?

If you have to take exams at boarding schools? Are cell phones supposed to be legal in schools?

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