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What is the structure? A lot of authors use sketches to better visualize their ideas and share them with others in the planning phase of their writing process. Main difference between sketching a reading and sketching one's own work is the source of ideas. A sketch is a systematic way to organize your ideas for your work. to the Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Do you know what a design is? Making a sketch is a good way to work. Allows you to gather new brainstorming and ensure that your work is organised, focussed and aided. For many authors, writing from an outline is much simpler than beginning from a page that is empty.

So when do I have to sketch? A sketch can be written at any point during the writing operation. While it is most often used before writing or research begins, this procedure can also take place during or after writing your work to ensure that your points are organised and meaningful.

What is the structure? Determine which points you would like to talk about in your work. Enter possible paragraph to paragraph boundaries. Keep in mind that your design should give a general impression of how your document will evolve; it does not have to be very formally or accurately. It is a general notion of what size an outline can have:

Use any shape of this example to create your design. When you have a question, come to the Writing Center and work with a design brief.

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Attempting to design a texture for your paper can be one of the most challenging parts of the writing proces. Pre-writing is a good way to ensure that your idea arrives in a clear and consistent order. It also saves you reviewing your idea and reduces the chance that your idea will have to be reordered after writing.

You have to have a feel for what you will be arguing in the paper before you can start sketching. You should quote your analyses and the exact reading of source and/or source as proof. Let's say you write about the Republican Elementary School in 1999 and you want to show that each candidate's funding was the most important factor in the game.

Your memos probably don't have a consistent order at this point. Your thoughts are probably still in the order you noticed them; your comments and possible quotations probably still correspond to the timeline of the wells you research. It is your aim to put your thoughts, comments and quotations - the source of your paper - in an order that best fits your point, not the ones you have seen in other people's works.

You must group your memos into groups and organize these groups in a sequential order. First, check each item of information you have typed and categorize it. "If you have noted an example of John McCain's view of healthcare in the Republican primary school, you could include it in the general section "Health Policy".

" While reviewing your memos, try to re-use items whenever possible. It is your aim to keep your memos on no more than one page with entries in different catagories. Check your heading now. "McCain's advertising expenditure" and "Bush's advertising expenditure" may not be repeated exactly, but could slightly be classified in a more general catagory such as "expenditure on advertising by candidates".

" Also look for terms that no longer refer to your arguments. Some information that seemed important at first glance may appear insignificant when grouped into a general group. Explore all your catagories and search for shared topics. Browse through each class and ask yourself: "If I were to put this information in a filing cupboard, what would I inscribe it?

"Public health", "Foreign policy" and "Immigration" can be summarized under "Political initiatives". "Make these bigger types as general as possible so that there are not more than three or four for a 7-10 page note. Since your memos are grouped into general category, the ordering procedure should be simpler.

First, look at your most general category. Keeping your diploma dissertation in the back of your head, try to find a way to arrange the label in one or two sentences that support your argumentation. Let us assume that your theory is that funding was the most important factor in the Republican primary school in 1999.

Its four most general cathegories are "Political Initiatives", "Financial Resources", "Voter Worries" and "Voter Loyalty". "You could come up with the following sentence: Although McCain's political initiative came as close as possible to voters' needs, Bush's funding won voter allegiance. This phrase should show the order of your most common category.

They begin by examining McCain and Bush's view on important topics and comparing them with the main voter concern. Then, look at both candidates' funding resources and show how Bush could gain voters' allegiance through efficient use of his resources, despite his less-popular policies.

Now with your most general catagories in order, you must order the smaller one. In order to do this, place each smaller item in one or two sentences that supports the more general phrase you just came up with. For example, the smaller catagories "Advertising Expenses", "Campaign Contributions" and "Fundraising" can be found under the heading "Financial Resources".

" One phrase that would support your general point might be: "Bush's early focus on fund-raising resulted in larger campaigns, which allowed him to have larger advertising expenditures than McCain. "The last stage of the design artwork consists of repeating this operation at the smallest possible scale, with the initial memos you made for your paper.

In order to order a probably bulky and disorderly amount of information at the beginning of this procedure, you only have to think up one or two sentences to substantiate your general disagree. For example, under the heading "Fundraising" you will find quotations on the evaluation of the significance of the individual candidates, statistical data on the amount of elapsed funding period for each of the candidates, and an ideas on how the importance of funding can never be underestimated.

Phrases in supporting your general reasoning could be: Whilst both McCain and Bush recognized the importance of fund-raising (your quotes), the figures clearly point to Bush as the dominant fund-raiser (your statistics). "The order of your thoughts, quotations and stats should now go without saying. You have basically created a draft for your paper with these phrases.

Some of the most common things you have organised in your first set are the parts of the paper. Use the order in which you placed them in your movement. Sequence of smaller subcategories within each major group ( "defined by your subcategories ") indicates the sequence of subcategories within each section.

After all, your last phrases should use your own unique memos to show the order of phrases in each one. A draft of the 1999 article on the Republican Primary School (which only shows the parts worked out here) would look something like this:

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