Writing my first novel

Write my first novel

Ten hours of learning from my first novel Last weekend I finished the last round of revising my first novel and began interviewing people. It' been a long way....

I wrote this novel four and a half years ago. This was my first novel, my first serious piece of creativity and I have developed very much as a novelist and as a people.

These are the ten most important lesson I have learnt while I wrote my first novel: 1. Are you planning to interview the operatives by the New Year? So, instead of anticipating your needs, you are planning to spend more than you think. And if you want an inspiration, just put your faith in her.

It' s like having an original notion. If you' re that much in favour of a narrative concept, it's an ideal you can walk with. Most of the letter is a rewrite. Both my writers and Betaleser pointed out that there were contradictions, lack of information and opportunities to make my narrative better than I would have found alone.

However, this kind of understanding needs a lot of patience, attentiveness and courage - nobody is happy to give bad news. When you begin to hate your work, don't believe her. All of us go through stages in which we hate our work..... it is unavoidable when you are spending so much of your life with something. When you' re done, you know nothing about your own history.

First. I have learnt a great deal on this four-year trip. In spite of all the early morning hours, the long night and the four and a half years in which I stuffed my novel into the nooks and crannies of my live, it is absolutely amazing. To write as an infinite educational experience.... I don't know if it is ever possible to really control it.

However, we can get ever nearer by looking further for the teachings in our work. Remember your recent typing effort. So what have you learnt from your work? Remember your recent typing effort. So what have you learnt from your work?

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