Writing my first novel

Write my first novel

Each character must be introduced to the reader in later novels. It arose from my research into my family lineage. How many of us had saved my fair share of books and thought: "I think I could do that. No one's first design reads like a beautiful bestseller. Here you can find information and tickets for Wandsworth Arts Fringe:'Writing Your Novel:

Five things I learnt from my first novel

I released my first novel Our Dry Voices in 2014 at Scribe. I' ve learnt a great deal during the long and arduous task of designing, composing, reviewing and releasing my first work. If you would like more information on how I designed, written and released this novel, please join my free e-mail course entitled Construction the Book:

The voices we drum. You will get your own story idea (exactly what happens to Our Draied Voices) and you will also see how other authors tell their own story-tell. You' ll find out what you like about your style and language and what works and doesn't work in the game.

From the first concept for Our Draied Voices to its publication, it took eight years. That' eight years for a 219-page volume with about 65,000 words. You probably do not yet have the chance to earn a livelihood when you start writing your first one.

You work at night, at the weekend and during your midday break on your work. If you like to write and relish the history you tell, you stick with it. If it looks like an infinite slogan, take yourself back to the pleasure of typing this one phrase that leaps off the page.

Sometime in your scriptwriting careers, the museums can benefit you, and whole histories could jump into your skull. Probably not so fortunate the first time. You' ll probably have more than a few cases of writer's inhibition. That' where a detailled design can be an author's best buddy, especially on your first one.

The structure allows you to define the frame of the storyline and pre-empt any important loopholes before you write the text of your work. You need courage and trust to put your work in front of someone else for the first and foremost. When you like to write, you probably don't want to be someone who has only written a work.

Regardless of whether you are released yourself or in the traditional way, keep in mind that you will always be your biggest supporter. Keep writing new tales, but don't lose your old ones. And if you don't recall it, neither will your people. Take the free e-mail course entitled Construction the Book: To learn more about the teaching and behind the curtain story of Our Dry Vocals, use the following contact sheet.

You' ll be taught what it's like to write a novel, from sparking an inspiration over years of typing and editorial to a publishing one. I' ve also downloaded every e-mail in the show with rewards such as my own custom memos, charts and finished designs to make the story come to live in front of your eye.

Don't be afraid, it' free and spoiler-free.

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