Writing my first Book

Write my first book

Lucky for me at the beginning of my career. The On Writing my First Book. But actually doing it feels a little surreal. To write a book is a challenge, especially if you have other life obligations. I' m writing a book based on my Hibernate Tips series.

So how long did you write before you released your first volume?

Lucky for me at the beginning of my carreer. I' ve written a few novels and a few novels, I have brain paralysis and I never thought I could compose a novel without it taking six months because I typed with one as well. This was a brief that I had sent to a Hell's Kitchen NY mag, and the journalist sent it back and told me that it was really my first novel.

It was a funny thing, because the whole thing was only ten pages long. I was at a writers' meeting in Nashville a few week later and the publisher and some of my writers friend encourage me to do it. So I went back to my room and put the prolog in my diary, most of what I do is hand-written as a first sketch.

After I had waited long after I had been struck by a vehicle, I ended the volume and left page 233 in my hand typing machine for almost two-month. This volume was released in 1992. I' had written and sold my literature and was one of seven writers in NIGHTMARES ON ELM ELEM SQUARE.

One of the great writers said to me that the publishers "courted me", too stupid to understand things. He' sent me a copy of every novel he's ever written and released. And I sent the notebook at a while when it was 415 pages of hardcopy and not a disc.

It appeared about six month later, in March 1992. I had my first professionally written history in September 1986. It might have taken longer to get back to your reply, maybe years, until the novel came out if NIGHTMARES ON ELM ASTREET hadn't appeared in 1991.

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