Writing my first Book

Write my first book

I' ve wanted to write a book ever since I can remember. I' m making my first volume! Yeah, a genuine work. It is a textbook that is for sell on-line, has genuine pages and sections, is correctly organized and allows me to call myself an official journal. I will speak in this volume about all the teachings I have learnt from my year of AmeriCorps VISTA work.

It is my intent to make this volume very understandable to the ordinary man by not making it one of those profoundly philosophic "expert" volumes that go far over the heads. For this reason, there will be two parts in my book: Actually, I began to write at the beginning of this year and have finished about 60% of it so far.

It' going to be a rather brief one, probably not more than 75 pages or so, although I don't have a name for it yet. I' ll release it myself because a) it's supposed to be a relatively simple trial, b) being a first writer, I question that any incumbent publishers would be willing to bet on me (I'm optimistic, not delusional), and c) apparently that's the thing to do these days. a) it's a relatively simple proces.

Keep up to date with everything you need to know about my forthcoming work! May I emphasize that this will not be a "diary" of my daily VISTA work. I focus on the wider lesson I have learnt about fellowship evolution and the societal implications of not clapping about my employers or co-workers or sharing any logistics advice about the AmeriCorps VISTA programme itself.

To keep up with my advances, visit the "Book" section on the archive page of this website (and mark the page in your web navigator with a bookmark). I' m emailing my latest news about my advances, a few insights into the real contents and all the other important information you need to know about the game.

You all know I'm going to have my very first ever publication in November. To prepare for the launch date, I'm going to write a couple of "Sneak Peek" preview to make you "ready" for the big one! I will be releasing my very first volume myself in November 2018! What's the theme of this one?

All I learnt about societal impacts and church building in my year as AmeriCorps VISTA. This is an exclusive film by Habib Fanny, co-author of the book'Let's Talk Politics:

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