Writing my first Book

Write my first book

They call it, I came with every excuse under the sun to NOT write the book. We' ll talk about that in a minute, but ask yourself first. What's the theme of this book? I learned a lot about writing. This is a FREE video mini course for first-time authors.

Tips for composing your first novel (from a list of novels published)

I wrote 28 cookery books - but Island Apart is my first novel that brought all kinds of possible challanges. I felt like a rough rookie during much of the whole thing. Hell, for most of the trial, I was a crude rookie. There are two kinds of writer in the world: those who speak about novelists and those who actually do.

Draw up a model..... and a treaty. As I founded Island Apart, my missions were to use the abilities I had gained over the years in story and cookbook authoring; the contact I had made in publishers and the press; and the advertising experience I had learnt from tens of books on tour (and marrying a journalist - more on that in a prospective blog) to begin, compose and complete a novel that could be published within a year.

Notice the words "Start", "End", "publishable" and "within one year". "The latter imposed an approach, an objective and a time limit that made me take the trial seriously. Lettering is the mystery of a novel - or a novel. Poor spelling finally results in good spelling and sentences finally sum up to pages, sections and a completed novel.

There' s no right way to compose a novel. While some authors begin with an action (vaguely or painstakingly planned), others use a word, a personality, a situation and/or a mental predicament as a starting point. A number of authors create painstaking contours before they begin their work, while others let the authors push the game. Iceland Apart started as a name - not this one ( (more like and why it has been changing in a prospective blog).

Luckily I didn't have to travel alone - I had the personalities that led me. Use the rubber (or the erase button) to erase. I threw whole roles, scenes and chapter overboard while Iceland Apart was being written. I' ve probably written 1000 pages of manuscripts to end with a completed 300-page work.

I was struggling against erasure (my woman was a reckless editor), but the last one is better for all of them. Spend your free minutes celebrating the landmarks of your typing experience. Once you have finished the first design, uncake a bottle of champagne. I have adjusted the finishing of the first design to my anniversary.

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