Writing my first Book

Write my first book

" Should writing a book be part of your content strategy? Pre-owned book in good condition. I have learnt 10 lessons to write my first book (This will help if you do the same!)

There is a book in us all. At the end of 2011 I was invited to my first bookstore. Who' d buy a book I wrote....?!! They call it, I came with every pretext under the candles to NOT be writing the book. At the end of 2012 I got together with a friend and created my first book with the title "The Freedom Factor" (what was I thinking...!!!!!?).

Virtual Freedom was created after some name changes and sent to 16 publishing houses. In the aftermath of the early shocks of a true editor who wanted to release a book..... of mine.... I hopped on it, signing a contract and began to write. Lots of blogs think that writing a book is like making a series of related blogs post and then stringing them together for literal.

Much more thought had to be given to the various parts and chapter of the book. And not to forget the fact that I had to find a way to resolve the "how to" element of the book, which makes up about 70% of the contents.

Finally, I added awesome case stories and corporate headlights spiced up with the script to show readers how other storekeepers are already using them in their corporate activities. I never thought I'd be writing a book. But here I was asked to spell 45,000 words - which sounds a great deal then (and it IS a lot!).

It was the first script I received, almost 70,000 words. To plan the projekt in front of me, instead of just dipping into a blogs mail, set my thought more on. "or perhaps "Is this part of the book really needed? I think the outcome was a much more thoughtful, succinct one, why I should bring my points across and lead the readers in the right directions to start their online recruitment (or take them to the next level).

It was with as much enthusiasm and enthusiasm as you can conceive. It is like the first notion for a new shop, products or services. I' m like this for the first 20,000 words or so. But then it became more difficult to put my thoughts into words, drills, guidelines and check lists - and the book is now full of them!

Though I have talked about thinking like a shopkeeper and not a blogsger when I found myself fighting during the writing (and editing) cognition, I would just go off the computer (like I do when I write posts), do something else and come back to it. The writing of the book made me think about this part of my overall label, and different ways I can develop on it - I' ve got some action.

I' ve got a lot of storytelling to do, a lot of encounters and a lot of solving issues that business people face when they work with them. Did you ever have a book you were reading, enjoy it and then rip your brains out?

I also did it while writing Virtual Freedom. But there are some important factors why I have chosen the old-fashioned way of publishing: Traditionally, I was also able to see exactly how the book publishers' work. Supplementary things such as artwork designs, covers, marketing, PR and a general entry into the publisher's business were a delight.

And let's not lose the sense of affiliation - to know that a true book publishing house thinks this book should be released (and the progress that goes with it!). During the entire writing and editorial processes I asked several persons for feedbacks and assistance. Also when I make contact with those who want to advertise the book, it becomes clear who my true acquaintances in the corporate community were.

Now that we are starting to market the book, I get a really clear idea of who my true friends and cronies are. I am the image you see in the centre of this article with the thumbnail of my book. It is my belief that the publication of a book - either traditional like me or self-published - is of the utmost importance for the development of a trademark towards the commercial age.

It is one of the third major components, in fact - blogs, books, speaking. But the publication of the book is just the beginning. It' s the branding that will be selling it - and in the next 8 weeks I'm going into a serious branding game. Today begins with the release of the all-new Virtual Freedom podcast on iTunes, which will be featured on SoundCloud.

I' m putting the first one here (directly from SoundCloud), and I'd like you to watch the other four installments that are already on air and subscribed to Apple (and even leave a short retrospective and evaluation if you have the time!). There will be a finite number of these releases and each installment will concentrate on resolving a specific issue for the audience, in terms of VA', creating and using them as much as possible to expand your game.

I' d like you to see what I'm doing right and what I'm doing badly (I'm not doing it perfectly, that's for sure!), so that when the timing comes for you to put your writing instrument on the page (read: Fingertip on buttons !) and type your own book, you have an imagination of what's needed from a commercial point of view.

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