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The target markets for all women's magazines. I' ve signed up for a three-month subscription to Writers Magazine. You' ll learn the basics of freelance writing so you can start planning, researching, writing and pitching articles to magazine and newspaper editors. Fiction is central to the publishing industry in the UK and around the world. Writing Magazines - Top Tips for Nutritionists.

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Every months the Writers' Forum is helping tens of thousand of new and emerging creators make their dream come true. It' full of current information on the markets, expert opinions from the publishers and inspirational tales and hints from other people. There are also hands-on literary and poetic reading sessions so you can see first-hand how you can enhance and successfully design your own writing.

Each month, our writing competitions for literature, verse and writing as well as our magazine publications are world-famous and award money and prices in every one. Would you like a comprehensive review to enhance your poesy? Sue Butler, our lyricist, will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive review of up to three of your works for a 40-prize.

Writers' Forum is available at WH Smith and your nearest newspaper dealer - just ask. You can download the Writers' Forum to your iPhone or your mobile phone.

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E-mail: Magazine that appears every month and is directed at people of all ability levels. She will meet well-known composers to give you an understanding of the insider stories behind their successes and is also looking for top hints from other well-known composers to help you publish them. Includes great hints for developing stories. Any periodicals sent by 1 Class Mail UK & Airmail world-wide (except UK over 750g which can be placed in 2nd Class).

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An author is struggling to pursue his or her career and his or her creativity at the same one. And we went to the memoirs and we asked: When it' s a hottest August holiday, a player goes on a boat ride in the communal swimming pools. There, the player will witness an incident that will shut down the swimming pools for the remainder of the year.

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In issue 78 you will find a lot of awesome new texts about'weather' and a soliloquy for our time in'Das Unenkbare' by Mslexia-Favoritin Bernardine Evaristo. If your cravings are whetting your appetites, jump Caroline Sanderson's reviews of three volumes on how literature has influenced our life, with Lucy Mangan's memoirs on children's literature.

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