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Newest tweets from Writing Magazine (@WritingMagazine). You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Writing Magazine. Over the last three decades I have been published monthly in Britain's best-selling magazine for writers, Writing Magazine. Significance is a journal, not an academic journal. Please click here to read my magazine.

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Writing Magazine, the largest and best magazine for authors, provides 112 pages of encouraging, hands-on tips from professionals and hundred of ways to get your writing into the press every single week. You can also take part in an extensive programme of writing contests to earn £6,000 in our £6,000 per year and publish your prizewinning work.

Whether you are a novice to intermediate, writing for fun or for publishing, and whatever your writing preference, Writing Magazine has something for you, with frequent reporting on all facets and styles of writing and more.

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Subscribe to Writing magazine for useful tips each and every months for novels and non-fiction writers on how to navigate through the dark world of the agent and publisher to get your books on the shelf. The Writing Magazine is an indispensable read for any prospective or publicist. In the case of publications of the months, please allow up to 4-6 week for the first shipment.

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Learn about the thoughts and events of other writers and writers with every edition of your Writing Magazine subscriptions! Featuring all the latest information, advice, tutorials and exercises to help you write and produce your best work, the Writing Magazine staff brings you the insider know-how - from the writers themselves to editors and editors.

Writing magazine subscriptions are the perfect way for you to practise, create and release your writing work if you've always wanted to do it ( "but never knew how to get started") or if you already have a cover for it. Featuring authors' portraits, agent recommendations and publisher recommendations, Writing Magazine is a great way to get into or out of the saddle of writing your own work.

It' at last to make your dream come true as an writer with a Writing Magazine-Abonnement! Writing magazine gifts subscriptions for your gifts all year round. Gain immediate one-touch acces to the latest edition of Writing Magazine to instantly view on your computer, tray or phone while you await the printed version.

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