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What are your suggestions for writing? This is the best creative prompts I've discovered as a published author. They are ideal for the days when you need creative writing inspiration. Find out how you can get inspired by writing instead of submitting to the whims of Madame Muse. Q: Do you ever wake up in the morning and fear writing?

Inscriptive writing by 11 authors

Numerous authors in the story of the novel have referred to "The Muse", a personalization of the literary inspiration that comes to us. We have a special feature this week: we've asked several authors and illuminated blogs, whose work together covers almost every kind of fictional science from historic to SciFi, to tell us about their best source of inspiration.

The inspiration for my own writing and my work with authors comes from the constant drive to comprehend history as history, the significance beyond the here and now. After teaching the storyline and the art of writing in recent years, I quickly learnt how important it is to involve the whole author in the writing proces.

Skipping the author is like writing a tale without developing a personality, without a mind, without a soul. Writing, we take each other's side - our strength and weakness, convictions and judgements, anxieties and despair. The insights into the resemblances between us and the history we create benefit both history and the individuals.

Universal Stories provides authors with insights and inspiration. Chronicle of the history of birth, dying and regeneration. It is my pleasure to follow the tide and tide in the power of storytelling, our life, our writing and the witness of the metamorphosis that all authors undergo when they write a storyline with an action from beginning to end.

Alderson is the creator of "Plot Whisperer" novels and assists authors in creating a story with a story from beginning to end in the "27-Step Tutorial:", which you can access at www.marthaalderson.com and join on Twitter via www.marthaalderson.com plotwhisperer. An essential inspiration for me as a crime novelist is the diversified contents I am reading.

These contents range from topical messages to books. Crimes in the paper can be especially useful for authors. If one of the accused is apprehended or found culpable, authors may ask: "But what if one of the other accused is culprit? "This can evoke a completely different end to the storyline and offer a small inventive licence for a detective novelist.

Concerning the fictitious contents, I am especially influenced by M.C. Beaton's Hamish Macbeth enigma serial of many years. My second inspiration for me is my passion for writing serials. It' a pleasure to have an entrenched storyline where I can keep attending my people. The writing of a serial means that we already have many magnitudes when we write a new volume - the attitude, the repeating signs and the part.

Third, a great inspiration is my own readership. She has written the mysteries'Southern Quilting' and'Memphis Barbeque' for Penguin Random House and the series'Myrtle Clover' for Midnight Ink. Writer's Digest voted her website's diary one of the 101 best websites for writers.

Intimiration is a bit like a cats. Any inspiration can come from any sources, really - a cinema billboard, a sentence from a novel, a line of poems, a fragrance. My first novel, Scarab, was inspired by speculations about a Hall of Records, a room that lies under the Great Sphinx of Gizeh.

When I was randomly studying a volume on high-volume computers: The Land Below, my latest work, comes from my Google images of the huge craters created by one of the oldest meter shots in the world near the Parys gold mines in Gauteng, South Africa.

I' m working on my next album in the show, The Land Above, so inspiration is the answer. Loves all kinds of tales, especially sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, terror and thriller. If you want, you can check out his website and twitter his website via @SHalvatzis. I would have spend most of my free moments looking out the windows and not writing.

Instead, I use the following three technologies to squeeze this inspiration out of me: Every morning I am reading the latest scientific and technological reports and I am considering what effects these trends could have on people in the world. It' s about the same piece of good old reading that we all have to do. When I fill it up with as much information as possible, it finally begins to turn into an idea and a story.

I have no firm conception of who I will be meeting or what will be happening for most of my work. If I have no clue what I'm going to be writing while I' m seated and writing, I think it stimulates my fantasy. I can sometimes get a song like my sci-fi novel'Blue Into the Rip'.

I' m still amazed that a whole thing came out of it.... but that's exactly what it was. Often my tales develop away from the titles, but that doesn't bother me - it's just a start. The name of my current writing projects is'Space Adventure Mystery', but I don't think that will be the name!

I am always looking for ways to set myself apart from the crowd in a global market inhabited by literary geniuses. I have nothing against such personalities, but they have been typed by more experienced playwrights than I have. This can be done at any point in the writing and editorial processes.

That can mean to change the gender of a person, to take a stereotype in an unforeseen way or to play with the storyline in another way. A best-selling writer of scientific literature and fantasies, Kev specializes in actions & adventures and supernormal enigmas with a comic touch. His' Into The Rip' serie marks a comeback to the classical, rapid 50' adventurous sci-fi, but with a contemporary approach.

If you want to know more about Kev and his work, please visit his website and twitter for @KevHeritage. Authors find inspiration in many different places. For me it is part of making the most of this inspiration by being conscious of my environment and tuned in to it.

Nevertheless, I find that my inspiration comes from various origins. They make me think and are sometimes the fount of an idea I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. A further inspiration for me is what I am observing around me. Rather, an act, a face or even the way someone is clothed can be an inspiration for a film.

I' m also very much influenced by the work of other authors. I am lucky enough to be in contact with many authors of different musical and stylistic backgrounds. She is a detective author (she is the author of the series'Joel Williams') and an associate professor. Since 2009 she also blogs about detective stories.

She is blogging on Konfessions of a mystery novelist and you can watch her on Twitter via @mkinberg. When I saw G.K. Chesterton's essay on fairytales in his Orthodox work, I was told how important they are to us. McKillip is for me the best imagination author who has ever lived, and her writing and my eye for fairytales was strongly influenced by her work.

I' m not actually reading a novel and although I've been reading a few in my own field, my goal with my novel in this field is more to evocate the epoch and the place than to concentrate on romantic. Yes, these are very romantic tales and about relations, but for me writing a historic novel is about leading the readers into the past so that they can live a place they can't in today's age.

I wrote my fiction in the 1870' and so much of my impact comes from non-fiction about this period and this place. Most of all I read and write a lot about those who were living in Colorado or whose parents were raised in those cities. He is a widely published writer and writing trainer.

Michaƫl is teaching writing studios and giving lessons on her award-winning Live Write Thrive blogs. She can be followed on Twitter via LiveWriteThrive. are three of my greatest inspirational sources: Well, I think inspiration changes with age. Originally, of course, I was inspired by the tales I learned or learned as a kid.

I guess my first and probably strongest inspiration came from my own familiy, full of hard people. Influential contemporary works such as To Knight A Mockingbird, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Flows For Algernon, Alfred Hitchcock's Stories To Read With The Lights On, and The Flame and The Flower.

I have been influenced both positively and negatively by a work. When I was about 12 years old I was reading Gone With the Winds, which was the longest volume I had ever had. This would not be answered by my mother), and even more worried by the "Negro dialect" and the depiction of black people in the text.

The second most important inspiration came from Kevin J. Anderson when I saw him in a collegiate writing school. It has proven to me (and our professor!) that authors can be released. Since then Kev has been a good acquaintance, and he is still an inspiration for his work and ethical work.

The last inspiration for me is what I'm currently studying, especially feature films. Authors do things that I always think are not possible, and yet they do it. That'?s the response to my inspiration today. After all, inspiration changes decades after decades - and every single one. Kathryn Rusch's carreer spans almost forty years and almost every fictional style (and a few non-fiction books).

She is an award-winning author in all her genre and probably best known for her own name in sci-fi and phantasy. Their SF has reached bestselling listings all over the world and won many prizes, among them the renowned Hugo Prize of the German magazine Wissenschaftofiction. She is the only one in the industry to have won Hugo both as an author and as the first and only journalist for The Magazine of fantasy & sci-fi.

The three greatest inspiration for my mystery story and screenwriting are: I' m getting my inspiration from things that make me upset. Both my psychic mystery novel Books of Shadows and another, very different mystery novel I am now sketching were partially influenced by the serious judicial error that led to the indictment and sentencing of West Memphis Three in Arkansas: three teenagers who were wrongfully charged with murdering three young boy victims.

When we sleep, our unconscious loves to work on stories. Their thriller Award-nominated Huntress Moon Serie has now been released by Thomas & Mercer. The three of my greatest inspirations are: and they' re a permanent fountain of humor. It makes me smile and it is inspiring to make the'funny' sequences as naturally as possible.

Just like a book, I can enjoy one track because it's profound, smart and equivocal and the next because it's good and easy. I' m especially impressed by smart, funny texts - Belle & Sebastian are my favorite group. But I know that some authors like silence - even my co-writer Jimmy Rice (although that might just keep me from singing) - but it keeps me from being upset.

Every time I meet a psychological barrier with my writing, I take a pause and start reading a section from a textbook I like. It not only reminds me of how to put a line together, but also gives me a reader's point of view, so that when I return to my computer, I no longer torture myself about how to formulate this one line that I have been ripping my head off for 45 min, but I think about how to get the whole outfit.

It is my pleasure to say that inspiration is everywhere - and it really is. I will say, however, that most of my inspiration is the product of other people's work. These three big ones are definitely textbooks, films and musical. Feeding on other people's tales, I collect little treats that inspired my own tales.

For me, the roles and topics in novels and films and the half-answered question in song are never-ending source of inspiration. Her writings include historic and adventurous invention from her home in West Nebraska and mentor-author stories on her award-winning website that helps write. She can be followed on Twitter via @KMWeiland.

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