Writing good Sentences

Write good sentences

Generic gibberish is the biggest problem when writing business documents. Three Commandments of Writing Good Phrases When you want to spell well, don't mind your own language. I' m not saying "a phrase like OK." Do not think that you have a good phrase just because it is graphically accurate. Many poor sentences are in grammatical correctness.

A few of these poor phrases might even be yours.

By the time someone gets things moving, authors - especially non-fiction authors - will keep producing poor and dull sentences. In order to be able to write good sentences, you must do so: you must obey these four commandments: Don't fuzz. Your sentences should also be grammatically correct. However, keep in mind that many sentences of language are also atrocious. It was a murky and turbulent night" - shows an excellent grade.

This is even more horrible and against all my rules: Using a good grade of English and not an aggressive writing technique has not only the effect of producing boring words for the reader, but also the undesirable effect that the reader wants to slumber.

Ignoring commandment 2 because of these two feeble verbs: But don't go too far and use unusual SAT words.) Mr. T used a big verse when he said, "I feel sorry for the fool." Had he said: "I have a jester problem", his phrase would have been ineffective.

Where' s the down? Unfortunately, our terrible phrase is just down. Except you do the washing, then you can't lint. If you want to get rid of the lint, the best way is to recognize and acknowledge that your letter is verbose. We' re gonna have to check our 39-word phrase and make every single one necessary. If we tear away all those phrases that are full of words, we get an easy phrase (remember, this is Writer's digestion, not Writer's indigestion):

Authors who use excellent vocabulary but no proactive phrase structures have a reader. Turn the phrase into your mantras. Eliminate the need for writing that is both pasty and threadbare. You' re not trying to piss off Mr. T..

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