Writing for free

Write for free

Are you sure it's right to write for free? Hell, if you're already writing for a living, you should write for free. Is the question, when will the free letter for the supposedly large exposure become a mere exploitation and a waste of time? It' all been said before, nothing new. This will not change until we realize that writing is not a hobby or a passion - it is a job.

Clues to writing for free

When you want to work for a living, you should work for free. Hell, if you're already writing for a livin', you should be writing for free. This free letter should be one of your best works. If you' re not already known for something else, you sign for free before you sign for it.

If you try to earn a livelihood, you could live the remainder of your livelihood making your letter look more like your free writing. Here is the letter that you should probably do for free, and the letter that you probably shouldn't do: I want you to talk about things that interest you.

A common way is to create a blogs; I got my first gig (writing for the former Gawker Media site Valleywag) by writing about Gawker in school, on a site named Blogebrity, which some boys had made up as a comedy. I was not the first or last someone employed at Gawker by writing about Gawker.

One recent example is Kate Wagner, who turned her McMansion Hell diary into a bright architecture reviewer by writing (for money) at places like Curbed and 99 percent Invisible. Anything you want to can be written - that's often the reason why it's so good. Nobody helps you to firm things up, but they don't dilute your eyesight either.

Only very few papers would have agreed to a bid for Kate Wagner's criticism of nasty McMansion's plot theoretical trick. It would be prudent to pick something that is really important to you instead of chasing cash, but I won't act like the latter never got anyone a bookstore and a place at Urban Outfitters. But, look at all available file types - a group blogs, a platform, YouTube outlines, a cellar theatre comany.

It is the right moment to do strange things that cannot possibly make your living, because once you get your paycheck, you have to earn it. Most of these writers are just beginning their career and will contact you later to help you earn more pay; others are over-qualified for their roles and will give you invaluable advices.

I' ve been spending more of my life going through a humour play for the independent blogs The Toast (RIP) than for songs that pay tenfold as much, and I was so thankful. The writing of a book often comes with another kind of free writing: This is the way most writers have to publish and publish their works.

And most novel writers have a novel (or several) that has never been released. They sometimes just make examples of script. Here too, free writing has its benefits. Don't post free work if you don't like it and don't post for free for anyone who asks.

Everyone who asks you to send a letter free of charge should show their thankfulness. As soon as you accept to type for free, you should be as faithful as you would be for the money. Normally they will get it; they also need cash so they know what it is like. I' ve written many authors who have worked for free or for very little pay, and I've tried to make them totally happy when they couldn't finish something they had suggested.

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