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"Sometime in their career, every author of children's books is asked: "When will you write a real book, a book for adults? We' ll find out why these poets chose children as their audience. Writing for children - fiction, non-fiction, books and more. Packed with inspiring and practical advice, Writing Children's Fiction: For some people, a writer's and artist's companion is an indispensable guide to writing.

Writing for children - 5 What you should bear in mind

Kids relish well-made storytelling that awakens their senses for pleasure, inquisitiveness and a desire for new inspiration. Writing for them is a pleasure because their excitement is contagious and motivational. I' ve been writing theatre pieces, TV shows, storyboards. These are my top hints for writing for children. A lot of children's literature contains children.

Writing will be more spontaneous if you are conscious of the rhythm and pattern that young people take on when they are interacting with each other. Kids often say the first things that come to your head. Attempt to write brief, stackato phrases or long walks just to get a feeling for the tempo.

Thinking about your reminiscences of your youth can also help to bring out an genuine part. I' m sketching the most important story sheet on a set of stick-on notepads that can be reordered, overdrawn, substituted etc. with ease. Do the same with a computer notebook on a computer desk or tabular display. This will help you organize your memos into sections and headlines like-'This is the section where Y is discovered by Y and passed on to Z'.

It will be appreciated by your young public, as will all the agencies, publishing houses and editorial staff who take a look at it. Kids like to be amazed. Publishing your letter is difficult. If you get rejection - and you will - channelize your typist into new ventures. Publishing houses, journalists and agencies move, are transported, even to the joint luncheon.

As a schoolteacher who wants to discover Alan's textbooks in the schoolroom, we have a study tool to help you present Porridge the Tartan Cat to your students.

The BBC Blogs - BBC Authoring Room

imon Nelson takes on his part as the new BBC Writersroom developer. Abigail Gonda has been leaving us for a while to take her motherhood vacation, as some of you have seen in her last post. Well, I have been working in the theater and TV for over 20 years, both in dramaturgy and staging - most recently as a BBC Children's Dramas executive at the BBC's MediaCityUK headquarters in Salford Quays.

At the end of 2014, CBBC Drama announces its intent to launch an early writers' campaign. Via a theatre and writing group we asked for example script (radio, TV, film or theatre) from any author who had less than 120min. of television exposure. They MUST see what the BBC produces for today's children - NOT what they know from the past.

Authors were tired, but - we are hoping - inspire, enthusiastic and equipped with the right instruments to generate and present great stories for this very demanding group.

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