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The first novel

The writing of the first novel can be frightening, sometimes even lonely. Let's look at some common novel writing mistakes that any writer can make no matter how many novels you have written. Like we discussed earlier, your first chapter has the power to make or break your novel in the eyes of readers, agents and editors alike. Perhaps the book was bad, but what if it was the author's first novel? Particularly when this writer tackles a novel.

Five things I'd like to know before I wrote my first novel Five Park.

I' ve already composed a novel. The first novel I wrote, Five Park's, a psychothriller, was released by Endeavour Press in August. It' about a free-lance reporter who is abducted in London after five different blank dating with five different men in five different parcs. There are five things I wish I had known before I wrote my first novel.

If you begin to write a novel, your original propensity is to tell everyone you know - your spouse, your family, your mailman - that you have begun to write a novel. Not. If you tell them, you have to ask another question for at least another year: "Have you already completed your novel?

If you are drafting the first sketch of your novel, don't get too involved in the intricacies. At any time, you can review a large issue when design #1 is complete. You' re only attracted by some lush on-line show biz and BOOM updates - before you know it, your typing is over.

Don't ever think your first punch on the Great Brit Novel will be flawless. Her first design, unless you're some kind of literature mastermind, will be quite a muddle. When you get to the point where your almost completed work is sent to publishing houses and editorial staff for permission, you give yourself a big cuff.

If you are gifted and happy enough that editors are on your doorstep to give you literally tens of millions of pounds for your novel - and the chance to start a tendering battle - you will have to get used to it. Don't be alarmed, far more renowned authors than you were hit back after you submitted a work.

What kind of book has the Nobel Laureate in Literary Writing authored?

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