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The first novel

Step by step, learn how to write your first novel with the help of a bestseller. Thinking about writing a novel should be reason enough for you to start. Do you want to write your first novel? There are thousands of Americans either writing a novel or considering writing a novel. The First Novel Master's Degree works with a very small cohort.

Five things I learnt while I wrote my first novel - ART + Marketing

I was going to start my first novel about a year ago. I had made several half-hearted efforts since I was a masterpiece writer in my early teenage years. Descriptive lives are full of departures and stoppages, overwhelming uncertainties and daring expeditions into unfamiliar lands and regions. That is to say, it is straightforward, but not straightforward.

However, the easy part comes when you realise that they are just words. It' about placing pens on papers or palms on keys..... and to write whatever comes. I made several drafts in advance of my novel. When I drew the first sketch, these contours went right out the windows.

When I was writing, my protagonist and her universe came to live and took the narrative in a completely different directio. Prior to writing my first novel, I had composed and released several shorts and poetry. It' not a long novel. There are many more storylines, a slow tempo, a deep descriptive and characterizing nature that the narrative can only allude to.

Nevertheless, many writers have created a "novel in stories", a compilation of brief histories that are connected in thematic and narrative terms to a novel-like work. It is not the one I have chosen for my script, but it is certainly one that I should consider when filling the gaps between a longer and a smaller work.

At the moment I am at the 4th outline of the script of my novel, and to be frank, I'm sick of looking at it. Cause I know in my own mind that it's not done. Aims ( "finished novel") are complementary to the means (the write process). I' ve learnt a great deal from my first novel.

On me, on the arts of typing, on characters and action and setting and topic. If it' willing to see the lightof-the-world, I'll cross it off my docket. Write, practice, learn more. Since we are on the eve of November, the formal month of the novel, I would like to wish all authors and prospective authors a good trip and fortunate paths.

Keep typing.

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