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The first novel

Information on part-time fees for creative writing: The first novel at St. Mary's University. It is no waste of time to finish a first novel, to practice your writing skills with this first novel manuscript, even if it is never published. And who knows, perhaps the first novel will determine your career and make you a great writer? Here you can find information and tickets for Wandsworth Arts Fringe:'Writing Your Novel:

So how long did it take to complete your first novel (from beginning to end)?

It was in the middle of 1978, when I was 18 years old, when I began my first novel, Scorched Earth. It all began in the first year of my studies in film production in the university in the middle of the 1970s and was finished at the end of the 1979s.

This was a job, but also an achievement, and I didn't know anyone my own age who was a novelist. In this first novel, the main problem is that I flew the airplane without any instruction. It seemed to me that the point of my work was to write words on empty page and not to stop until the words "The End".

Or in other words, I have written the whole thing without saying anything. That' never a good notion, especially if a novel is as complicated as my first one. As I dared to write my second and third books, just into my second and third academic years, I became cleverer and created my work.

Exactly how to write a book, I think, because error #2 and #3 were spelled over a 30 to 40 days interval, for each. That' s why I decided not to affect one part of the history or the characters, but only the orthography, the language and the music.

I' ve put all my old stuff on one of two Brother typewriters, both of which belonged to my sisters. Unfortunately, I ruined both because I had missing paper. I was one of the first persons I knew to get a computer in 1984 and I had a great application named EASY (from WordStar) that I used.

There was a font, but with large and small font size and a built-in spellcheck. All I didn't like was that it didn't have a grade-schecker. There was no built-in Grammatik Checkers, but you could combine it with a piece of free Grammatik program. Anyways, once my concerns for orthography and grade were neutralised, all I had to do was to attend to typing.

Today I seldom need the grade examiner (although I use it for a complete review of my work), but I still make misspellings - especially because I hurried to write. That' s where you got it - my first novel was started in 1978 and released in 2017.

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