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Writing Rowling, and she channeled her own feelings of loss by writing about Harry's own feelings of loss in more detail in the first book. These are the most common reasons why authors never finish their first book. I didn't know at the time that I was writing a first draft. A lot of writers have seen their fate dramatically improve after their first bestseller. A review first gives the reader a brief overview of the content.

 Harry PotterÂ| JK Rowling  Biography  - JK Rowling Files

Joeanne Rowling was borne on July 31, 1965. She and her two sisters and folks were living in Winterbourne, Gloucestershire until Joanne was nine years old when the Chepstow-based Tutshill school. She was raised in the midst of a book when her mother and father liked to read - she says: "I used to live for literature.... I was your simple book worm, full of freckles and National Health glasses".

Joanne wanted to be a novelist from an early age. No. At six years of age she wrote her first novel - a tale about a bunny named Rabbit. Then, when she was eleven years old, she started writing a novel about seven damn jewels and the humans who had them. After attending Wyedean Comprehensive Schule, Joanne studied French and classical music at the University of Exeter.

She later studied classical music and came up with all the magic words in Harry Potter, some of which are Latin! J.K. Rowling had the brainchild of Harry Potter when he took a 1990 Manchester -London King's Cross service.

In the next five years she began to design the seven volumes of the serial. Most of the time she would write in long hands and collect a pile of memos, many of which were on shreds of paperbill. In 1993 she came to Edinburgh with three Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in her case.

After Joanne had completed the script, she sent the first three sections to a number of frahlings, one of whom rewrote to see the part. In 1997 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone quickly became a best seller. When it was published in other tongues, Harry Potter began to spread around the world - and J.K. Rowling soon received tens of thousand fan mailings. With 2.65 million copies sold in the first 24 hour period in the UK, it became the best-selling all time.

In the meantime, the Harry Potter range is available in 80 different tongues and has already reached over 500 million customers worldwide. J.K. Rowling has also authored three charitable comradeships: the first and the second: J.K. Rowling has won numerous prizes and honors, among them an OBE for merits in children's books, the French Legion of Honour and the Hans Christian Andersen Prize.

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