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Listening to audio books was described in these camps as anything from lazy to complete fraud. Mastering conflicts in youth literature. Tips and techniques for storytelling - An audiobook review. Art of writing fiction audio book. Enhanced audio sample The author at work:

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Writing Fiction, 7e by novelist Janet Burroway and Elizabeth Stuckey-French, is the most widely used and widely used text in its area, leading the beginner from the first inspirations to the definitive revisions through hands-on writing skills and specific work. The text, which has been handwritten in a language that is neither individual nor regular, encouraging pupils to evolve at every stage of the writing progress and offers a wealth of practice to stimulate writing and creative expression.

It also incorporates various modern shorts in each section, believing that fiction is accompanied by the writing of stimulating, interesting tales.

What is the book?

I just published an audio copy of my bestseller How to World a Novel Using the Snowflake Method. It is recited by a great storyteller, James L. Rubart. Most of my loyal blog readers are used to this guide, so the concise is that you can get a copy exclusive from Amazon, Audible or ATLAS.

Maybe you'd like to click through just to hear the sound example that Jim did very well. And if you don't know what the script is about, here's the long version: Some years ago I created a 10-step tutorial that will guide you through the creation of a novel and give you a road map for your first design.

This" snowflake method" works great for those who want to know where they are going before they go. Snowflake on my website has been seen more than six million over the years, and the snowflake method is used by ten thousand authors around the globe.

I' m using it to create my own fiction, and it works well for me. I published a work in 2014 entitled How to World a Novel Using the Snowflake Method. It sells very well and still moves many books every single months. I' m not just saying in this novel how to make a novel.

I' ll show you a history. There is a history that lets you learn what you do. My novel is a tale about a young lady who is dreaming of writing a novel one day, but doesn't know how to start. You can imagine, I created the history for the snowflake-method.

By the end of the volume you will see the whole Snowflake theme I used to create the plot. Now, not everyone wants to schedule their novel before they do it. You know, some folks just love to sit on the bottom of their trousers and that's a good way to do it.

But, in the end, all fiction writers use the same fundamental history theorem. Much of my volume is therefore devoted to the explanation of this theorem. Cause everyone needs to know how the whole thing works. For example, in the section that speaks of the first catastrophe, there is a great one. Indeed, it is the first catastrophe in the novel, and it happens exactly at the point in history where a first catastrophe should be.

Similarly, the section on the second catastrophe tells us why we need a second catastrophe, one that is exactly where it should be - right in the middle of history. To give my reader a little extra, I have changed my rebate voucher policies for my favorite Snowflake Professional game.

When you buy a copy of my work How to World a Novel Using the Snowflake Method, you will now receive a 50% rebate on Snowflake Pro. Please find all information about the rebate voucher on this page. Are you interested in the audio books, then it is these again:

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