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So the idea of the advance should be to compensate you for the time you spend writing your book before the royalties start coming in. Letter for the education market: Improve your listening and understanding skills with downloadable audiobooks, music albums and more! The STAAR Educational products of your choice. Books in the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Studies in Writing and Rhetoric series.


Since I was interested in contributing to our discipline from outside the college, I took a postgraduate degree in moderation style, which gave me a wider idea of what education could be, and a master in ethics and accountability in doing good work, which was about building organizations that minister to humans and planets, and the new management techniques needed to do so.

From 1980 to 1984 I created the Sound Foundations Pronunciation Charts and its methods and in 1994 I released the Charts and the Sound Foundations as one of the first four books in a teachers' research project of which I was the publisher. Some years later, the Macmillan Books for Teachers manual range has grown to 16 now.

In addition to my work as a serial journalist, I have been engaged in a number of Macmillan related activities, e.g. roadshows, meetings and trainings. I wrote essays, contributed to the creation and launch of the Macmillan dictionary and recently created a set of 35 onestopen English pronunciationĀ films.

" I' ve been fortunate enough to work on what I really care about, what I like and what I do. Most of the time it is about the experiences of studying, the creation of study environments and studying by other persons, be it in a class room, staff room or schoolroom.

There were areas of greatest difficulties for the pupils and I recognized the lack of a text book covering the whole CAPE biology curriculum. It was my decision to translate my expertise into a text book designed to meet the needs of the schoolchildren. One of my top tips for prospective educational authors would be to assume the pupil is an "empty canvas" and to expand his wisdom to such an extent that he can use his/her ability to think critically to solve a complicated issue; one should try to understand ideas in many different ways so that they reach all "learning styles".

" Much of the story about being an educational author is listening to learners say that the textbook has contributed to their comprehension of biology. "I received my Certificate in English Language Learning (CELTA) in 2005 and my first assignment was to teach teens and take the FCE examination in Poland. In 2007, when I came back to the UK, I got a position on Oxford Street where I taught the CAE-examination.

I relocated to Japan in 2008 to train managers in a Japan based banking company and have specialized in English for businesses ever since. In 2011 I enrolled at the London School of English and during the course of the month I can find professional teachers from all over the globe. It was released in January 2014 and I have held discussions to encourage it in Germany and the UK.

It is a great opportunity to get together with colleagues and exchange information. "After my first class of ELT, I knew I liked this profession and I am so happy that I can further my abilities and to be able to study more about the ELT environment through working with Macmillan.

In fact, it has remained an experience that takes me around the whole globe, allowing me to encounter instructors, undergraduates and of course commercial, promotional and editing staff in places from the Atacama Desert to snow-covered Siberia. Throughout the years I have also been on every side of the job: as a tutor, as a salesman, as a parental helper with English assignments, as a schoolowner, as an author, as an actress on film, as a editor, as a moderator and as a instructor.

How much do I like my work? The Macmillan crew in Moscow had called and at the airfield the locals were there for me with a big grin and a replacement skin mantle. "I like that my work is at the same place and world.

They work both local and personal, teach kids in their own area, but they are also part of a vast wider community of educators, kids, publishers, writers, agents and so on. I was fortunate to have traveled all over the globe and to believe that if all the instructors I meet in one big room, you wouldn't stop smiling and smiling about the same things.

" Born in south-west Great Britain, I graduated in British and American literature from the University of Warwick. Following a few occasional positions such as tele-sales, marketing research and even stand-up comedy, I completed a months of intense ELT course at Coventry Technical College, which resulted in positions as an Englishman in Coventry and Alexandroupolis, before settling in Athens, Grece.

By the mid-1990s, when I was in North Greece, I was becoming more and more persuaded that the qualities of the equipment I used in class (textbooks, textbooks, text books, grammar books, etc.) were low and that I could do better! Writing and producing books now occupies most of my work. It is my task to write the first script, which is wonderfully transformed into a ready, released ELT course.

I am also co-producer of the L.A.A.S. English Language Exams here in Athens, where I still reside, and a former chairman of TESOL Greece. "It is my pleasure to meet professors all over the globe - their devotion and engagement in their work amazes me again and again.

It is also very much my pleasure that if you follow a course successfully, you can positively change the life of tens of thousands of youngsters. "I' m a freelance artist and I like to solve things. I have always had a great interest in speech and all kinds of communications, whether visually, verbally or in textually.

It is a challenging and challenging task to create material that is available and helps others to acquire worthwhile working for. "I like a challange and the challange of making material available and helping others to acquire worthwhile working for.

" Having received a BA (Hons.) and then an MA in English Literature from the University of Warwick, I was on an educational journey and got a place to do my doctorate (just for the UK post-war TV drama!). There was an unanticipated employment opportunity from Greece, and two week later I went to the class room to educate young people and young people.

I' ve always been a keen teacher, and like many others I made material for my own schoolroom. As I saw that this utility was used differently by different instructors, I was confident that if I had the opportunity, I could give them a better instrument and improve their English language skills.

" I' m very fortunate to do what I do and I like diversity. First and foremost, I have a small role to plays in linking schoolteachers and pupils with the Anglophone language."

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