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See DEMONSTRATIONS Download Free Trial Buy StyleWriter Now. The ProWritingAid is a premium tool used by native authors. It can be downloaded free of charge here. " Can bookwriting software replace an editor? In order to solve this dilemma, you can either hire an editor to clean up your work, or you can buy editing software online.

Style Writer & Plain English Editing Software Download

Get StyleWriter 4 for a 14-day free evaluation. This download includes a tutor for StyleWriter 4, which we suggest you use to learn about the new functions of the game. Complete the following and we will forward you to our site to download the new StyleWriter 4 evaluation version. Each of the three versions can be tested during the test phase:

Who StyleWriter is right for me? In order to open the Starter Edition: Press and hold the Ctrl key (until StyleWriter opens) and click Evaluate StyleWriter 4. In order to open the Professional Edition: Press and Hold the Shift key (until StyleWriter opens) and click Evaluate StyleWriter 4. If you are willing to purchase, go to our purchase page where you can enter your current Test ID, StyleWriter's two distinct usernames for your device.

Then you can purchase the StyleWriter version and purchase the required one. You will receive your new activation code by e-mail within 24hrs, allowing you to use the StyleWriter version you have purchased without restriction. There is no need to postpone until the end of the 14-day evaluation period to purchase your StyleWriter 4 software licence and sign up for your copy.

Download OpenOffice Writer

The OpenOffice Writer is an easy application that lets you display and modify Microsoft Word files. A natural solution is Microsoft Word. Or, you could choose a simpler application, an easy one with only the features needed to complete the job quickly. The OpenOffice Writer is one such application.

OpenOffice's OpenOffice software allows you to create text document and insert pictures or plain graphic elements. OpenOffice Writer is also a useful utility for opening DOC and other Microsoft Word file and formatting. The OpenOffice Writer is extremely user-friendly: click on the work area and type, there are a few other essential editing features (colors, fonts and sources).

It also works as a good reading device and successfully opens all types of interoperable files. If you need to work on a basic file, OpenOffice Writer is a good option. Don't wait for an alternate to Word, but a small application that does the work.

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