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Get Started with Essay Writing. Writing is a clear, practical and inspiring craft. An award-winning writing school that helps aspiring writers achieve their goals.

Through our writing programs and the Adobe Writing Center

Authors need enlightening reading, inspirational, supportive and sincere comment. Each year we provide over six hundred courses and activities for authors of all styles and aspirations - from the first poet or young memoir to graduate writer and novelist. We have a team of gifted, working authors and educators who are committed to rigour and instruction.

You can' t praise a living hotshot in Boston without beating a famous author. Our aim is to use the great imaginative power of our town and make it the centre of the world of literature. HYWHERE Writing creatively researches and records the state of man and makes sense in the life of those who use it.

It is our belief that the act of writing can transform both ourselves and the rest of the underworld. Welcome to everyone, from complete novices to aspiring or seasoned authors. Grub Imperium relocates its head office to Eva's new lounge in picturesque Somerville, where it will stay for more years than her man remembers.

A lot of authors who still lecture - among them Jane Roper and Steve Almond - were neighbours. He/she spends the whole giggles conversation with Eva and she takes him on to educate Fiction I. Little does she know that he will end up writing three fiction books, win the Massachusetts Book Award, become Grub's artistic director, and design the Muse & the Marketplace series.

Grube is expanding its facilities and offers courses in convenient rental areas in Brookline, Boston, Cambridge and Somerville. In a Montessori Boston college everything is child's size and they never tell us how to turn on the heater. Those recollections just make us more thankful for our future home in Boston. The award is given once a year to an US author outside New England who publishes his second, third, forth (or further...) work.

It begins by training senior citizens in North End, South Boston and Roxbury to write memoirs. This project is a Boston city partner and has an ambitions to educate senior citizens in all 21 districts of Boston. At the end of 2007, the authors' work will be summarised in a nice volume, Borne Before Plastic.

Each of them receives a scholarship for their writing career in the style of mature residences. Muse & The Marketplace, now in its seventh year, is growing out of its former room and moving to Boston Park Plaza. Their task is to train and equipping authors to take full advantage of the new possibilities of the virtual world.

Wannabe authors are wondering for the millions of times: He' s moving to 162 Boylston Street. Larger class rooms, new colours and new furnishings - all donated by generously -sized donators make our writing house more welcoming than ever before. Charles Dickens once studied in the cellar theatre, and Edgar Allan Poe was borne where the house is today!

Grub, in collaboration with the Boston Public Library, the Boston Athenaeum, the Boston Book Festival and the literature journal The Drum, secured a two-year Adams Planning Grant and laid the foundation stone for the country's first literature area in a city-center area.

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