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Courses for children

Ultimate Mystery Writing Course for kids. Locate and compare thousands of letters for children in NYC, New York. We know how important it is for children to learn from each other and to share with each other. During this course children will write stories for other children. Authors are encouraged to enroll for the entire course, but it is also possible to enroll only for the first or second semester.

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For over a decad we have been organising writing studios and nightclubs in colleges and universities. It' s about showing them how to create credible personalities, draw a storyline, dynamically use the set and select the "right" words, parables and metaphor to describe both the character and the set.

All of our authors are authors who have been studying and writing creatively. While we can help your kids write for the 7+ and 11+, we want to encourage them to fell in loving the strength and wonder of writing.

Lettering for kids

This is a well-organized survey of writing abilities for kids of different age. In addition, you will receive up-to-date information on child publication. Author and scriptwriter Neil Arksey has written a series of books for kids and young grown-ups for Penguin Random House. He has been short-listed for his work and has been awarded numerous prices.

Instructors may be changed from those listed in this overview. Writing text for pictures, childrens poetry, fairytales, animals in literature, novice readers' literature, storybooks for the reader's personal growth, literature for the more self-confident reader, pertinent childrens developments and the interests of under-11s.

We' ll also consider writing for older kids and young grown-ups and look at the works of modern writers, among them various categories such as thriller, and more. The student may wish to study for a certain group but they may also find that they are attracted by the course for several groupages.

Read and write independently outside the classroom. Each City Lit writing course includes a work-shop. That means that the student creates papers that are debated in an open and constructively atmosphere with the teacher and other student . Courses longer than one full working days require home literacy and writing practice to schedule dates.

Please be sure to provide a notepad, stationery, enthusiasm and stamina. There will be a readinglist available at City Lit or at the beginning of the course. We also encourage our seminarians to send their work to Between the Line, our yearly collection of city literary histories, poetry and screenplays.

For general information and counseling on courses at City Lit, please contact the Student Center and the library Monday through Friday from 12:00 to 19:00.

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