Writing Courses for Adults

Adult writing courses

You can learn creative writing, freelance writing, business writing and blogging. Courses start all year round. As one writes for children and young adults. Courses are designed for adults who want to improve their English skills. Initiation to the Creative Writing course.

The University Library offers courses for university graduates and vocational writers for grown-ups.

Lessons are provided with short evenings, each of which lasts about one and a half hours per weekday and facilitates the participation of working adult learners. AWI offers four courses: academic essay writing, research paper writing, multilingual speaker and the art of oral presentation.

Every course concentrates on the improvement of abilities that are of vital importance in academia, business and profession. "This course is intended to help graduates and non-traditional mature college graduates build self-confidence while becoming more competent academics and professionals," says Patricia Mull, UB Division of Continuing and Professors.

You can find the enrolment deadlines at http://www.millardfillmorecollege.com/cstudio/class-catalog/100029/. Each course can be taken either in a four-week or in an extra six-week series. More than 28,000 UB undergraduates follow their university interests in more than 300 study programmes.

Adult classes

Sign up for the right course and study with our international accredited instructors who have proven expertise in the field of learning and learning Englishl. You will gain hands-on experiences and acquire the necessary knowledge to enhance your knowledge of German. We offer a range of special classes for grown-ups who want to enhance their knowledge of German. If you want to enhance all your communications, take an examination or just want to enhance your speaking level of German, we have the right course for you.

and Carmela A. Martino - schooling in typing

Or, perhaps you are a schoolteacher looking for places where your pupils can enter their texts. Please also see the "Four Quick Tips" in the right side bar. Since 1998 I have been teaching scriptwriting lessons for kids and grown-ups. I also give occasional lessons in children's and youth literature.

For a list of courses for grown-ups, see below. See the right side bar for children's courses. Please browse below the description of my lessons to see some of my grown-up students' comments. Notice: If you would like to be informed regularly about my courses and other novelties, please subscribe to my newsletters in the right idebar.

By means of readings, typing tutorials, lesson classes and teacher feedbacks, you will develop the strength of your voices and how you can hone your voices so that they appeal to the reader and make them turn the pages. We kindly ask you to take the text to the first reunion on October 2nd with Note: Classes are restricted to 15 participants, so please apply early!

In order to enroll on-line, click on the College of DuPage button below. Reservations must be made at least two months before the course starts. Check out this section when new courses for grown-ups are planned, or subscribe to Carmela's newsletters in the right side bar to get e-mail alerts. The Mayslake Peabody Estate is in::

To enroll for the classes, call Maylake at ((630) 206-9566. Please click on the following links for information about the Peabody Estate. Or you can sign up on-line - see below mentioned links. It' the first year in a long while that I won't be giving school.

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