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View the images from the #writingcommunity on Instagram: latest articles and popular articles about the #writingcommunity. Fortunately, I was already in supportive writing groups. Articles about creative writing by Safiya. I am essentially a great ball of sarcasm and cheek, which is in the heart a homebody with a passion for writing. I' d like to share my writing trip with you, and I want to help you with your own!

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IT' THE MAGIC PHRASE THAT WE ALL HAVE IN OUR MINDS! That thing's been coming to my head lately. Many people are urged by aggression to stop you from doing anything you want in your world. One of the major reasons is that any act in their visions is better than no act, but do not have.....

However, at the present time this is only a figment of our imagination, because all we have in our minds lately are the things that are related to the first part of the movement, i.e. work,.... We' re always living to crush every centimetre of our bodies and minds by claiming more and more of ourselves. Infinite working time, infinite duty and commitment, many additional actions to blame us for the insufficiency of this enemy and ever more demanding age.

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Lovestories are the sweetest things everyone wants to hears. However, often men are hearing or hearing succesful romances. There' re lovebirds with a tear and a dimple. Before going to bed every evening, some of us send our journals with a big laugh and others with a tearful cry. Frequently, man comes to a point where he or she senses that his or her loves are going away.

Here he was very fond of her, trying different ways to give her the same feeling. To them, his romance was a joke. They never got together personally, but began to share their things, made fun of each other, smiled, and began to write for each other because they liked writing.

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