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Coffeehouse London Writers' (London, United Kingdom) Belletristician, hello! When you need a writing group of like-minded people - congrats, you found it. The London Writers' Cafe offers unreleased and aspiring novels a place where they can get positive feedbacks on their work and find out more about the way to release, find the right agents, write more often or destroy the books through galvanizing conversations, criticism and work-shops.

You have to be in London and write literature. We have authors at all grades and layers (from the beginning to the submission), so whether you've been writing for years or just a few month, we're there for everyone and would be happy to have you.

However all applications for admission are checked by administrators, so please respond to the question we have asked - and you must be an authorized member before you can answer/pay for our meetings. Finally, we do not believe in groups where everyone is compelled to make a contribution or give feedbacks *shudder*, so we will not press anyone to start reading before they are made.

Lisa tells you more about what makes a high-quality writing group (http://www.publishingtalk.eu/writing/thinking-of-joining-a-writing-group-ask-yourself-these-8-questions-first/). Our members voluntarily attend our regularly scheduled writing workshop to write up to 3,500 words in a pleasant, relaxing environment. It takes 20-30 min. to listen to and listen to the listeners' comments. Feedbacks are facilitated, constructively and comforting (we're not in the biz to kill dreams).

We' also have meetings of writing together where plays are not divided and it's about getting words on the page. In addition to feedbacks and writing meetings, LWC offers a series of consultations with top specialists (including senior frahlingures, publishers and editors), expert writing workshop (characterization/voice/POV/pacing, etc.), and unforgettable community and partying.

To enter writing contests and exciting ways to contribute to agencies, literature and publishing houses and periodicals, join our Facebook Fellowship (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ldnwriterscafe/). Twitter with us @ldnwriterscafe (https://twitter. com/LDNwriterscafe) or join writing contests for our social networking tools via our group on Facebook (https://www.facebook. com/groups/ldnwriterscafe/). Hopefully we will see you soon and look forward to your letter!

To advertise for a contest, a paying writing position or a publication option for our authors, join our Facebook group (https://www.facebook. com/groups/ldnwriterscafe/) and post your article directly with our members for free. NOTICE: All contributions are checked by Lisa for their aptitude for our authors - and many are declined because they do not meet our needs - but contributions that we like are gladly divided.

If you have other promotional opportunities, please contact our organizers by e-mail. Thank you (londonwriterscafe@gmail.com).

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