Writing Classes for Adults

school for adults

The Adult Writing Workshops are held every spring and are intended for adults of all experience levels. Stories for children are usually much shorter and easier than stories for adults. All you have to do for our adult courses is show up. Possibilities to experiment with different writing styles. Writers Circle offers creative writing workshops for children, young people and adults at five locations in New Jersey:

Online-Course: 101 Fundamentals of Writing: Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation - CEU Certificate

Many of us studied orthography and vocabulary in primary schools and sometimes freshened up in secondary schools according to the regulations. When we went to high schools, it was thought that we knew and recalled the essential - and gradually we realized that although there were some simple set of guidelines to look up, we just stop thinking about "the little details".

A self-directed, stress-free course aimed at those who want to enhance their fundamental writing aptitudes, as well as corporate authors, copywriters and clerical workers who want to enhance (and not embarrass) bad work-related writing (and their superiors and themselves). For those who need to refresh their abilities and as a point of reference for those who want to quickly and simply look up the puzzling grammar rule.

Once you have checked the basics of writing the language, you can go to the Writing Styles lesson to get hints on how to improve your typing and sales structures and how to prevent frequent mistakes.

All you have to do for our adults courses is show up.

All you have to do for our adults courses is show up. If you just want to write your story or if you want to have it published in your favourite periodical or literature periodical, we are here to support and motivate you. We help you take your idea to another dimension with our imaginative tutorials and small classes that focus on crafts.

Possibilities to explore different writing style. Writing techniques: personality, part, definition, settings, dialogue, structures, etc. Feedback from schoolmates and the teacher in a secure, supporting atmosphere. Exposition to different types of writing. Once they have started writing, many of them find that their creative powers are dwindling and they can't stop.

They can work in any shape or mixture of forms: memoirs, poems, literature, feature films, non-fiction. It is our aim to stimulate and promote all layers of people. The reason for practicing writing is the discovery (or rediscovery) of your own voices and your view.

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