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children's book writing

Many writers who hope to be published turn to children's books as a simple option, but find that it is indeed one of the most difficult genres. Explore our new and classic children's books, gift editions for special occasions and the best children's authors. The reason why most prominent people will never be able to create a truly magic children's novel.

There are a number of ways for a famous person whose brilliant careers need a little more glamour to enhance their image. Ruthless divorces, a well-known withdrawal into rehabilitation or a stay in a real-life show are certain that our celebrities can be found in the local newspapers. As an alternative, celebrities who want to increase the watt output of their glitter can decide to write a children's work.

orge Galloway writes children's literature.

The former MEP George Galloway has just initialled a contract to author a range of children's literature. On Twitter he announced that it would be an "ethical pirate". Titled Red Molucca and the Good Pirates, the show is scheduled for release this year.

Mr Galloway has already authored a number of adult fiction, among them the Fidel Castro Handbook and Mr Galloway goes to Washington. "I' m about to have four kids under ten and I also have four young grandkids aged three to 14," he said to the BBC. "You are reading and I have purchased (and reread to them) many children's literature.

However, Mr Galloway said that drunkenness, cutting the crap, going with the planklike character is not the right people. "He said, "Enter an honest buccaneer, Red Molucca. "He is a man and dad whose familiy (and dog) is a buccaneer at his side. "I' m committed because George is an underrated and underrated view of the world," he said to the BBC.

Mr Galloway, a former Labour and Respect MEP, did not tell who the editors were, but said the accounts would be published in English, Dutch and Indonesian.


A lot of folks have really great kids' stories to write, but often don't know where to begin. Though not a'learn to draw' category, it will show you how to best concentrate your skills. There is no need to be a great author or performer, some beautiful novels were written without words and others only with matchstick men.... there is no "right" way to do it.

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