Writing Books for Amazon

Write books for Amazon

Have you ever thought about writing an eBook and publishing it on Amazon? Find out how to write an Amazon book page. These are encouraging words for writers. However, remember, the majority of authors are failed authors who spend more on their books than they earn. At MIT, Joseph Jacobson is working on the development of electronic ink, a high-contrast, low-cost medium for reading/writing/erasing e-books.

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to his date again great caterer from amazon......the work was a little small for me, its still a very cute notebook illke tan pages instead of caucasian .

Not its not like described but its getting a feeling of good value about it and low cost....! Typing this appraisal as I am impress enough to liquid body substance position to buy statesman of these for 2 constituent. Beautiful, high-quality papers, ideal for laboratory reporting and clean paperwork. None of this recycled waste is used.

Beautiful workmanship and good value for the price. The books are quite pricey to buy separately in a supermarket, so this was a good value for your price. Great print and perfect for those who have a lot of paperwork to do! Those three books took all three of my years at school. Some really good little notebooks that stick together.

No bleeding on the papers and it felt good.

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