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Complimentary Easter picture writing booklet. It' a nice Easter picture book. Type for rights: First Steps Each year we run our November and December initiative entitled Women for Rights, in which we are encouraging you to send out a message of assistance to those who have been wronged around the globe and to show you how you can help their cause for just. This is a seasonal and annual event because we know it works.

You have several ways to help the team. The most important thing first: Get to know the persons who will be introduced in this year's advertising year. Unless you look elsewhere, you will need to fetch our brochure! They will introduce you to each case and describe how you can contact them and how you can send letters to the relevant government agencies on their behalf. 2.

It is your gold asset for writer for rights. It was here that the first step of written work was taken: to send letters to those who are unjustly penalized to show them that they are not alone. Search our on-line sources to find everything you need to know about a person's case and send a letter: you will find case forms, loyalty mailing stickers and message suggestions for each individual who participates in the promotion.

We will set up an on-line news portal so that you can send news via our website in a few short weeks. Just click here. Meanwhile, we have all our prints up for you to be able to download, send and use. It is in a petitioning environment that the mail is known!

In addition to the letter to people who suffer from violations of fundamental freedoms, we also ask you to contact the relevant public services to ensure that they receive fair treatment. You will find all the necessary information for contacting the public administration in our brochure. Preprinted mailing stickers can be downloaded to make it easy to muliple mail.

You can find written for right meetings in all forms and dimensions - from stands at open-air fairs to private meetings in a typical public night. Check out our advice for a succesful copy for right meeting. You can also post a declaration of support on-line if you don't like it.

Please contact us if you have any queries about the campain or the persons in it.

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