Writing Book Titles

Write book titles

Quote book titles? Here is the real scoop on how to deal with styling bay titles in your writing. So what's the right way to display book titles as you write? The Chicago Manual of Style and the Modern Language Association tell us to use italics for all titles of books, newspapers and magazines. AP Styleguide tells us to use double quotes around the titles of books.

Are you underlining book titles? Italics? Insert quotation marks?

What do I do with book titles in my work? Put them in italics? Do I need to emphasize book titles in my font or set them in italics? For good reason: you can look at several different volumes, papers or journal article and see how they are managed in different ways. The way you deal with book titles in your work is a stylistic selection that is not subject to grammatical laws.

The Chicago Manual of Style and the Modern Language Association wanted the titles of titles of works (and other major works such as journals and newspapers) to be set in italics. So, if you follow one of these guidelines, you would put Stephen King's The Shining in italics, just like Vanity Fair and The Miami Herald (and Appetite for Destruction if your character is a Guns N' Roses fan).

At the other hand, the AP Stylebook proposes that you use quotes around the book name ( (except for the Bible and the catalogues of references, such as lexicons and almaaces, which should not be stylized in any way). So, if you are writing for a book that follows AP rules, please use quotes like "Eat, Potter, and the Deathly Hollows", "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" and "Bossypants" (have I ever said how much I like Tina Fey?).

A number of releases also use their own stylesheets. For example, here at WD we usually use the AP stylebook. But as you can see, if you go through this edition, we will abort from it on this subject and write book titles in italics. This is our favorite home decor. Simply choose a way and stay with it to ensure it is consistent (for example, if you put the name of the book your characters reads in italics on page one of your novel, make sure you also put it in italics on page 214).

Each publisher has its own unique publishing styles, so if you are lucky enough to have the work released, an editors will work on your stories to suit your stylistic preference. It is your aim to submit a professional-looking script, and a consistent look in your own personal styles is one of the keys.

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