Writing better English

Write better English

Dr. Katherine Firth, a lecturer at La Trobe's Graduate Research School, gives her best tips for writing assignments when English is your second language. The Writing Better English shows how the author's point of view and the choice of language determine the style and influence the meaning of written communication. Hints and examples on how to write better sentences in English. Gramar Girl Mignon Fogarty's quick and dirty tips for better writing.

In many ways, the problem is that written English is a different language from spoken English.

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Welcome to this research guideline for Better English Expression. These guidelines will help you find materials to use in your course projects and CRAs. This book shows how the author's point of views and the selection of languages define the styles and importance of spoken dialog.

This course also deals with the use of grammar and phrase structures to enhance your ability to communicate in words, according to what you need to tell, describe, explain or convince. Specific themes are, among others, scientific sketches and the focus on research, reporting and abstracts.

Write better phrases in English

Where can I improve my phrases? But how can I make phrases more interesting? A very important grammar lesson that pupils should know is the order of words in phrases in German. Don't type the text in your native language and try to'translate' it intoese.

Launch in English! Where can I improve my phrases? Making your phrases more interesting. It' your job to do something about yourself, last week-end or your last vacation. Gather some facts, e.g. where you were, what you did, etc. Then make brief sentences: We' ve been to a pond. We' ve been for a swim.

This simple phrase needs to be enhanced with more information. So we went to a pond. Gradually we went to a calm sea. On Saturday mornings, we went to a calm sea. Don't make the phrases too complex. In the early Saturday mornings, we went slow to an extremly calm sea.

I thought you could combine the three sentences: - We were at a pond. - We went for a swim. With'and': We had good sunshine and we were at a pond and went for a swim. You' re not getting better rates. It was very hot, so we went to a calm sea and went for a swim.

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