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But I don't think software would have the ability to do this kind of editing well. Abstract: The IBM WRITING ASSISTANT is the word processing module of iBM~s. The Expert Report Writing software provides a step-by-step guide to writing clinically sound and rich psychological reports. You can download WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. English Writers Assistant is a software system that helps non-native speakers to write correct English sentences.


The dyslexic and other people who can influence writing know how difficult it can be to send an e-mail, a note or an article without mistakes. Sort all spellings according to their relevance to the phrase contexts. In MS Word, the writing assistant is always only one click away.

Use Google's built-in query to verify the authenticity of a suggested phrase. It can be very hard for new students to spell in England. Inconsistent nonstandard features of writing in the UK can be bewildering - the Writing Assistant can help kids and teenagers effectively study via text and sound and streamline their language training proces. Test the Writing Assistant free of charge now: Writing Assistant online:

Fifteen editing tools to help you sketch, write and edit (better and faster)

Irrespective of whether writing is part of your daily life or whether you are faced with a large, unique task, it is simple to be overtaxed. There is a pile of applications and on-line gadgets that can make writing simple, whether you're trying to put together a mess of thoughts, repair forked finishes, or pin down the hard-thinking world.

However, reviewing these utilities and identifying what best suits your writing styles will take a long while. There are 15 authoring applications to help you optimize your brainstorm, write and edit processes. Writing that is well-structured begins with a well-structured structure. If you move your mouse over a list point, you will see a number of possibilities to fill in, append a memo, release, export, copy and erase this element - try the "Complete" button to mark parts of your contour as you do it.

Evernote offers a liveconversation function that allows you to talk to others (either individually or in a group) while watching the same documents, so you don't have to switch between them. As with Google Docs, you have the power to control who can see a file and how it can be manipulated. This free release is ideal for individual users, but to use Evernote as a collaboration workhorse, you need to upgrades to the payable premiums or businesses that provide bonus features such as off-line note-taking and central-administration.

When you are working on a long or complicated project and expect it to take several rounds, Scrivener's writing software is your new best mate. Think of all the advantages of a Word file, enhanced without all the inconvenience of continuous browsing and the overloaded look of the changes being made. When you have created your documents in Scrivener, you can use the outlining utility to generate a writing schedule and divide the contents into parts (like chapters) while writing.

When you don't like the order, you don't have to copy and past large pieces of text: With the drag-and-drop function you can rearrange parts with one click, and you can switch smoothly between the parts with the "Binder" utility. When you are worried about loosing information when making large changes, Scrivener allows you to take a "snapshot" of your "before" versions, which you can access later, and you can make up to five "layers" of color-coded overhauls.

The Scrivener has a long selection of scripts and default styles for different writing formats: You are not bound to a reference and can begin with an empty default file if none of the reference documents meets your requirements. When you' re done, you can assemble your individual directories into a single, complete work - all you have to do is tell Scrivener in what order you want it.

There is an old saying in the writing world: Writing under the influence, soberly editing. It is not a question of devouring half a glass of whisky - seriously, we do not recommend that - but that something of the best writing happens when the intellect is free and free of divert. With this in mind, Blindwrite will force you to type and process blindly.... not blindly.

It is a plain white-on-black text reader that asks you what you want to cover and for how many mins. Then you can key away, but Blind writes will blur your text until the timers are at zero. It will encourage you to just begin writing. If you can't see what you're writing, you can cut out all your thoughts before you consider things like wording and phrasing and eliminate perfectionistic trends that cause writer's obstruction.

That blurry text is probably also a good way to write intoxicated. Fit Foodie Finds' Lee Hersh uses CoSchedule to manage her writing responsibility at several locations. When your organization publishes blogs enough times that you need an online calendars, there is a chance that you will promote that on your own online and offline podcasts.

You can use CCSchedule to move your "appointments" for WordPress blogs and online media by dragging and dropping, and you can add your online and offline media to planned blogs so that the online media will move with it when you move a blogshots. It only has opinions for blogs, only for specific contributors or only for certain people.

Or you can even type a tweet or Facebook posting directly into the CoSchedule calender by selecting which Facebook affiliate program you want to be on. Comments make it easy to collaborate with a remote staff on pending submissions, and collaboration features allow admins to associate duties and appointments. How does this work in the editing proces?

Besides being perfect for the management of shared writing tasks, it can also be used as an editing diary that makes it easy to see when something is in the pipe to keep to the deadlines (or, um, not). It' easy (and free) for Trello, and if you need more functions, you can "turn it on" and include a polling utility and a calender.

Businesses can choose the Business Class edition, which allows admins to see all board types, use more information, integrate Google Accounts and increase their level of protection. Googles Docs has my three leisure: Regardless of whether you have a Gmail or not, you can use Google Docs to review, collaborate, and file your work.

It also provides a wide range of collaboration capabilities so you can collaborate with your peers from beginning to end. On the other side, I have people whose businesses are still relying on Word and who have never-ending revisions of files with (mostly) traced changes until every individual has ten copies of the same file on their workstations.

It' easy: type your copy, sharing it with others (you control who can see, modify, annotate and upload it), and select from a variety of file types to be downloaded (PDF, DOCX, etc.). The" search tool", which is a right click away, collects web ressources like a built-in Google icon; the results are displayed in the right side bar of the Google document.

There are also tonnes of free add-ons available, such as a directory, a spreadsheet bibliographer, and a utility that lets you post Google Docs directly to WordPress. There' re not many disadvantages with Google Docs, but I would caution you that it's best for short tracks - otherwise you're facing the infinite cropping that hurts Word.

Quip is presented by the news as" this" application that tries to rival Google Docs, and therefore its next step is calling for the development of terbed. However, people and technology reports say that Google cannot rival how well Quip is translated on portable computers, making it a great solution for staff who enjoy spending their afternoon in caf├ęs.

Quick has clients like Instagram and Facebook who use the utility to exchange check lists and build meetings agenda, TechCrunch reports. As a" collaboration text processing and message system" that works online and off-line, Quip allows you to process while writing, capture spell mistakes in real life and communicate with anyone who has control over the work.

Save your project on the eshboard and you can always bring your document from Google Drive, Dropbox, Word or Evernote. For those who want to try the Quip Enterprise Edition, a 30-day free evaluation is available for individual users - although this undermines the application collaboration benefits. Although Google Docs, Word Web Apps and Quip are equipped with collaboration processing functions, they do not provide Draft's processing assurance.

The draft stipulates that an employee's changes do not immediately change the source documents - instead, a new release is generated for each processing round. Once someone has submitted changes, it is up to the holder of the documents to either agree or disagree with them separately. No wonder Draft was made by Nate Kontny, who was the software engineering for the re-election of President Obama.

In addition to the alternate processing method, Draft provides Markdown integration, an edit method designed specifically for transcription of sound or videos, and integration with key blogs such as WordPress and Blogger. It even provides analysis of your writing practices, such as your mean number of words per week, your read levels and the length of the game. While there are many different ways in which more than one person can work on a single file, it is difficult to know who is doing what - and when.

Etherpad provides a color-coded writing function that allows the user to see at a single view who is writing what, and once a paper is finished, what each individual has been contributing is displayed in a clear and easy to digest form. However, be warned: If too many poeple work on a single file, it looks as if the whole display has been blown up.

There is no need to have an Etherpad user name and password, so it is ideal for those who do not want to log in. Either you can restart a file from the ground up or upload any file and then load anyone you want into the file via the Etherpad plattform, or by sending it the email address to your local area ("security is lax").

Rather than scrolling through the different reworked version of a file, you can press the "Play", "Fast Forward" and "Rewind" button to see what the file looks like at any point in the writing cue. Once you're done, you can start exporting and downloading HTML, text, MS Office and PDFs.

As with most collaboration writing plattforms, there is a chats function (which is also color-coded), and with the Tokbox plug-in you can chats with users within your Etherpad-documents. Not only does the utility show where your font is faint, it also lists your words, phrases and signs and "grades" your font depending on how difficult it is to use.

Over the long run, this utility will teach you to be a better author because you continually identify and fix your mistakes. You can copy and paste your text into the field and the scanner will intercept unwanted elements such as unneeded use of the bass part, duplication, excessive use of words and misspellings.

For example, since the deadline does not distinguish between English in the UK, Canada and the US, and is perhaps not the best choice for businesses working with non-U.S. nationals. It' good for the phrase, but can't point a single digit.

There is a small and easy utility for these periods that will try to save you: So I say "try it" because it doesn't always provide the right words, but it certainly does help with the coffee. Type in the term "difficult to remember", for example, and you have 40 different words to choose from, among them "elusive", "lacquer" and "flap".

So, if you have a dictionary to choose, Reverse Dictionary is a fast way to use. Verify My Labels is scanning a web page to capture 404 seconds, making it simple to capture defective or illegal web pages on a web page that you are edit. This is a utility for you if you have a tendency to enter your link (because there is no www.aol.co).

This means that if you have inadvertently copied and past the incorrect reference to a particular sentence or words, but the reference works, the software will glow amber. A number of observers claimed that the scanner marked a shortcoming if it was not, but overall this is a useful utility for a 404 two-test.

You have to undo things in the documents themselves. Irrespective of the tool combinations you use from this toolbar, I hope they will help you create high value writing more quickly. Some quote applications such as Zotero and Ctfm or distraction-free text processing programs such as Ommwriter and Usysses can also be of use. Do you have an application that you consider important for your writing and processing workflows?

Screenshots taken by kind permission of our tutorial. Screen shot of SinPapel's ether pad.

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