Writing Apps for Windows 8

Write Apps for Windows 8

The Durandal is a popular Single Page Application (SPA) framework for web development. Recently I had the need to develop a WinJS project for Windows 8. One of the first distraction-free writing applications in the Windows Store, Poe was launched in 2012. When you have a pen, writing is as easy as placing the pen on the screen. The Toolbox is a productivity application in the Windows 8 Store.

Have a look at writer, a nice journaling application for Windows 8.1.

Everybody should keep a diary. It is a good way to measure self-progression and keep an overview. Of course, there are many ways to get to the Journals. Warritr is an application in the Windows Store that picks up the idea of a magazine, but twists it a little.

Warritr is a logging application for Windows 8.1, but slightly different. Rather than giving you an empty screen to fill in your thoughts, writer asks your question and asks you to awaken a little self-analysis. Looking at an empty page can be quite discouraging for many folks when they start journalling.

Using Warr, the issues, writer's blocks and all the barriers that keep you from writing help to get over. You may not need to write if you are already a seasoned newspaperman. Although it is an interesting application and we think everyone should try it, no matter what kind of journalist' experiences they have. These are some of the functions you get with writer for Windows 8:

It is a groundbreaking magazine focusing on your own development. Everyday issues inspire thought and self-analysis. Include tags in your postings to facilitate easier connectivity and accessibility. We played with writer the last weeks and we like it very much. It' a funny way to log, especially if you're afraid of a empty page.

Don't be afraid, writer also support empty pages. You can use the application as a conventional journaling tool. This means it is a great application and is highly suggested if you want to create a journaling. It comes with a fully featured evaluation version that gives you 25 day to use.

You will then need to perform an update to gain written control over everything. Do you have other favourite Windows 8.1 applications or newsletters? Get it from the Windows Store.

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