Writing Apps for Windows

Write Apps for Windows

Scripter doesn't tell you how to write - it just gives you everything you need to write and keep writing. I' m leaving this post for historical reasons. What is the best application for writing under Windows? lunamothlunamoth. There are five apps you want to use for these holes.

The word you are writing is automatically recognized by Windows.

iA Inc. is a focussed writing application for Windows.

You need an HTML5 enabled webrowser to view this contents. The photographs and video clips give a glimpse into the evolution of this work. We' ve already successfully started our application on three different operating systems and now have a fully functional alpha for Windows. We would like to include some details like a fileset and localisations to make it super-awesome.

Your help will help us make the application bulletproof, so you can focus on your next writing projects.

Focussed writing application

By 2017 we gave you a big re-write of your iPhone, the full re-design of Android and a new typeface. The Mac lib is about to be updated and a back-up application for Mac OS is under development. Next we will be adding a Windows release, a web collaborator and a virtual copy of the game.

Collaborating web is in an inner alphabet under Android, Windows is inbetase. Once you're all back from your holiday, we'll put it on Kickstarter so you can help us make it even better. We want to provide you with more localization and a powerful fileset, as we are now creating for the Mac.

One more good news: You can receive the betas as soon as we have reached our first target. We' ll create a similar collection to the one we create for the Mac, based on how well we work with Kickstarter. Kickstart starts after the holiday, the end result is available one year later.

The Kickstarter action is now on. The web cooperation first enters the betas phase on Android, where it is thoroughly debugged before it is extended to the Android communities and then to other workstations. When all goes as scheduled, the betas will expire at the end of January. The web cooperation is expected to be extended to the whole familiy by March.

The web cooperation will be inexpensive, really easy and extremely quick. New members are doing all these new, brilliant things to ensure that our Apple and Android product development continues as before. Mac staff is working on the new one. We' re estimating the lib needs another month's work.

Now that the holidays are coming, you can look forward to the February upgrade. iOS 11 has added third parties' cloud service endorsement to the Files Apache. We' re pleased to have the Dropbox, Google Drive and other professional files synchronization providers. Many of you asked if you could build libraries sites from these utilities.

Whilst they can tell Files app what each directory contains, we have no directories to use. It' not a crayon, but it's about writing, and folks who've seen it want one. Kickstarter is on.

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