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Write and publish a book about Amazon

The Amazon Publishing works best for authors with multiple books. Up to 10 lesson from the release of the Amazon #1 best-seller. It'?s hard to make a work of art. After 30 years, I came to the first of my best-selling collections of shorts, Fallsing While Sit Down - which I released last year and which made its debut at number 1 on Amazon's best-selling shorts.

I want to participate in the classes I have learnt on the road, classes that have help me get ready for my new flagship piece Day After the Crash, classes that will help you get ready for your new work.

It was Ryan and I who made this page 18 month ago to travel the globe, and we were lucky enough to reach an audiences of more than 100,000 people a month within a year. As a writer, I like to write for this group. But my greatest passions are writing literature that not many people devote their days to.

However, I learnt that I could pass on my abilities (i.e. writing) and make a useful contribution to other human beings. During my 20s I got one refusal note after another from editors and editors. So I decided on the latter, launched a website and created an audiences by enriching people's life (a recurrent theme?).

This is the first goddamn story where we don't need the old mob. Hell, one of these days I could release these deeds as a separate book; I could call it Dear Author: Enthusiasm is an indispensable prerequisite for the creation of your work. There is no one I can imagine who has made a work of art out of something he wasn't entirely enthusiastic about.

When I wrote my first Masterwork, Fallsing While Sit Down, it was a lousy experiance in 80% of the cases. Seriously, most of the rehearsal I wanted to stick my mind through a mural. I would not have concentrated on what I was impassioned about if it had been my main objective, as it was in most of my smug 1920s.

" On the other hand, if I had concentrated on cash, I wouldn't have been writing the best I've ever done, followed by.... the best I've ever done. Don't you know I wasn't worried about the cash; it' s not why I do what I do. I' m not a bit fussy about cash, though.

All I know is that if I enrich other people's life, it will be a by-product of my work. I had to wait a year to write my first masterwork every morning; I needed the same amount of work for the second. If I didn't have enough free moment, I took my time:

But I wanted it urgent enough, so I found the right moment. Well, it'?s just a matter of hours. All we have in all of us is that we have a lot of free moments. If you really want to, you can find the right moment. I made my first master piece relatively brief (Falling While Sit Down is 30,000 words, which is about 100 pages in conventional print), and my second master piece is even briefer (Days After the Crash is 9,000 words, less than 40 pages).

It' more important that you do something useful. So, I resolved to do something bigger and then reduce it to the essentials, leading to a masterwork in which each line is thought through (and full of wweetable moments). When my masterwork was finished, I needed help from others to bring it into the worid, most of which I could find for little or no outlay.

I' ve found someone who can prepare the book for Kindle, Nook, iBooks and printing at a reasonable price. The whole time I was studying: I' ve learnt that I can make and sale a printed book for free via Creating Space. But I learnt how I will tell you below that Amazon was the best selling medium for me.

I have learnt that I can actually make a living with my work. But I would tell you that publishing your work in the realm is not so much about statistics as how you do. This means I will be sharing a few things I learnt from the figures when I first released Fallting While Soccer.

Nook and pdf prints in the mixture ). I chose to sale the book for $0. 99 for the first few weeks, of which I saw over 2,000 sells, most of which were from my available audiences and almost all of which were on Amazon. They were very enthusiastic about the book because they gave fervent feedback, which - guesswork, what - had a big influence on prospective bookselling.

So I chose to keep the printed copy of Falting While Sit Down and concentrate on the digitally side of things (N.B. I'm incorporating printed in the first release of After the Crash). I' ve made the book available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Smashwords and PDF (e-junkie). It was a surprise when Amazon generated 93% of all Amazon bookings in the first few months (just under 3,000 copies).

That' s why I chose to run more tests with Amazon. Amazons KDP selection: To test it, I took off Fallout While Sit Down from every salesman except Amazon. You don't own a Kindle? You can view Kindle Reader with the free Kindle Reader App for your web browser, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android.

The exclusive sale through Amazon enabled me to sign up for their KDP selection programme, which allows writers to borrow their work and earn one or two dollars for each copy they borrowed, and more importantly, it enabled me to give my book away free for up to five whole nights and reach a whole new population.

So I made the book free for five whole day and almost 21,000 downloads, most of whom had never even received news of me or my writing. In the end, Amazon provided me with a large new public who, in combination with my current readership, were willing to help me with my work - because they found it valuable.

Stop and sunbathe in the splendour of your work. Start now with your next work. I' m giving away the Kindle edition of my new feat, Day After the Crash, for free for two nights, and a printed copy via Amazon for $7.99. In order to pool my experience, I recently joined forces with three self-publishing professionals -olin Wright, Thom Chambers, Ryan Nicodemus - to create Asymmetrical, a publishing house and a fellowship that includes new technology, methodologies and concepts to help authors and other creatives get to an audiences.

I would like to encourage you to visit the Asymmetrical Community if you are interested in publishing your idea in the wider public. It' an on-line homepage - one that can be a periodical portal in the middle of a blizzard, or your full-time crashpad - and it's already full of folks who want to improve their publishing games, learning from each other and sharing what they already know.

I' ve made most of my day there sociable, so if you want to talk, that's the online coffee house I'll be working from. We' re spending our free day with newcomers, experienced vets and everything in between.

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