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Areas of writing and publication focus on the process of creating and disseminating content to a particular constituency or audience. These resources are a combination of general industry information and specific job and internship opportunities for this industry. The Sheridan's Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing is the only course in Canada that combines Creative Writing & Publishing.

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Below are a collection of general information on the sector and vacancies and internships in it. Book jobs (link is external): Ressource with vacancies, internships and publisher profile. Edo2010 (link is external): Multichapter organisation of young magazines and those who want to know more about the sector through blogging, posts and networkingevents.

Self-employed freelancer (link is external): Vacancies and hints for freelancers. JournalismusJobs.com (Link is external): Vacancies for Newspaper, Magazine, Publisher, On-line, TV, Broadcast, Radio, PR, Public Relation, Nonprofit/ Academic/ Goverment, Technological Novelty Vacancies, Distribution and Market. Medabistro (link is external): Careers, headlines, education, research and event for the publishing world.

Publishing weeksly (link is external): This is an on-line service for the monthly journal, which is aimed at publishing houses, frahlings, writers, libraries and utilities and contains sector specific information as well as a page with vacancies. Publicers' Marketplace (link is external): This is a tool for tracking publication messages and searching for vacancies. Part of Random House (link is external): Internship in the publishing house.

The Society of Journalists Freelancer Directory (Link ist extern) : Ressources and data base of the free authors. Writer's Digest (link is external): Writer resource on publishing, writing contests and other pedagogical material. Profession is an organisation of persons with similar interests. The web sites of the trade associations can also provide job/internship data bases and the opportunity to find a mentor or other contact.

The American Copy Editors Society (Link ist extern) : The American Society of Journalists and Authors (Link ist extern) : An organisation for the creation of non-fiction books that concentrates on career advancement and integration. Associacion of American Université Pressees (Link ist extern) : Organisation that supports the press through vocational training and PR. The Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (Link ist extern) :

A non-profit organization that designs and finances programmes to help authors write precise and instructive histories about the sciences, technologies, medicine as well as the world around them. The Editorial Franchise Associacion (link is external): Offers a resource, member list and vacancy notice for professional authors. Publishers of America (Link ist extern) : Ressources, sector specific information and vacancies for the journal sector.

Association of Specialist Journalists (link is external): Guild of America, East (Link ist extern) und Guild of America, West (Link ist extern) : Trade-unionists made up of authors who help in everything from TV programmes to new forms of communication.

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