Writing and Illustrating Children's Books

Children's book writing and illustration

Basics of writing and illustrating for children. As one illustrates a children's book. Making an excellent story for a children's book is only half the battle. The encyclopaedia of writing and illustrating children's books: An introductory course in the world of children's books.

Top 5 Hints for Writing & Illustrating Children's Books by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Interested in writing or illustrating a children's or both? Well, if so, you'll want to hear this entertaining but detailed Writer's Market podcast (which I'm moderating with Robert Lee Brewer), where we will be interviewing Debbie Ridpath Ohi, a highly acclaimed author and graphic artist. She is the author of the Michael Ian Black children's books I'm and Naked, as well as the Judy Blume books and her own Where Are My Books.

Whilst she has given many, many great suggestions, here are five takeaway that have stayed with me (and if you find them useful, you should definitely hear the whole story here or here on iTunes): Be always enthusiastic about your work when you discuss with others, be it with frahlings, writers, publishing houses or prospective users.

You can' t know when the flash will strike, but you can always check your own surge arrester (Debbie attributes this counsel to Maureen McGowan). Also make sure you are always so ready when the flash strikes, you are in great condition to advance your careers (Debbie attributes this to Kevin Sylvester).

After her free-lance carreer, Debbie followed her true dreams of writing and illustrating children's books. Rely on the trial. A scriptwriter should not tell the author how to do his work, he or she should have confidence in the author to make the screenplay - just as an author should have confidence in the scriptwriter to take the screenplay and illustrate it superbly.

Almost all authors are confronted with refusal - it is almost like an initiation ceremony. However, it is the authors who hold out and advance their trade who are at last succeeding. You be one of those authors. For more great advice on writing and illustrating children's books and detailed explanation of the thoughts above, hear the full Debbie Ridpath Ohi Podcast here at WritersMarket. com or click here to hear it and sign up to it at iTunes.

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