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Write and edit courses online

Choose between online courses or private lessons in downtown Chicago. In only three-quarters of the time earn a certificate in editing for professional advancement. Please log on to the online information session of the write program for detailed information. Whilst free online courses dealing exclusively with editing are scarce, several online resources cover the mechanics and style issues that both authors and editors have to master.

On-line training | ACES: Editorial Society

With the Poynter Institute's News University, Acces has joined forces to provide a range of online trainings for its members. This webinar covers the latest linguistic and editorial best practice tendencies. The course is available on request and is available to members of Acees at a substantial price reduction.

This makes it a comfortable and cost-effective way to maintain your cutting plans. Poynter Academic Certificate in Editing gives you a sound knowledge of the editing standard, key editing capabilities and best practice. There are six courses included in the kit, which will be led by members of the management committee of Ace and other business leaders: Editing Basics - Get a sound foundation in the editing proces and the breadth of editing capabilities that offer clearness and precision for any patter.

Editing Art and Science - Know when to work on something, when not to do it, and how to tell others about your changes. Write online headlines: Write news that works anywhere online, from online results to RSS newsfeed, articles and more.

Clean and succinct writing - Learn to clear and rationalize your writing using simple words and strong words and verb styles. Linguistic Primer: basic knowledge of vocabulary, punctuation and use of words - Practise the basic knowledge of vocabulary and composing so that you can confidently type and work. This is how the certificate works:

Poynter Academic Advanced Certificates in Editing are aimed at seasoned writers who want to take their work to a new dimension.

This requires familiarity and extensive text editing expertise. One of the main goals of the programme is to motivate writers to put more thought into editing. Poynter-ACES Advanced Editing Certificate Training Package consists of two components: ACES Advanced Editing Online Group Seminar, a four-week programme run by Poynter that concentrates on content editing and cross-platform thought.

Accurate, Audience-Focused Editing Course Pack, a set of seven self-study courses for seasoned writers who want to improve their work. The course helps online publisher, online users and website publisher understanding the principles of good use and copyrights. This is how the certification works: Sign up for the certification, attend the online group seminar and the related work.

Acees members can purchase this package for $475 with a promotional key. Acees members can also purchase the Acees online training for $399 with a promotional number. You can also buy the Accurate, Audience-Focused Editing course package for $75. When it comes to editing, posting or writing, there is a good chance that you will be supported by Poynter and Acre.

Over 25 courses have been designed for the Poynt Institute since 2013, ranging from basic vocabulary and copy editing to fact and heading review. And, of course, members of Academic Exchange Service (ACES) can attend any grade with a significant reduction. By 2018, our latest offers from Pointer, which are included at $11.95 for members of ACES:

Strategien für die contentwise treatment", with Samantha Enslen. Genuine grammar myths", with Lisa McLendon. 17 May: "Writing and editing promotional materials", with Maisha Maurant. 18 October: "9 ways to work on yourself or others - working on basics", with Sue Burzynski Bullard. We are now also creating free one-hour Big Marker tutorials exclusive to members of Acees.

Look for redirect URLs in your ACES e-mails. 22 March: "The Basics of Readability", with Samantha Enslen. With Alysha Love, "What You Must Know About Editing for Social Media". 27 September: "The Power of Checklists", with Samantha Enslen.

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