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Writing and editing has always been a fundamental part of writing and a separate function, but as a self-publisher, online and in printed form, writing and editing is a form of communication that goes back to early times. Composition was made to communicate with people who weren't around. There are also employee positions and freelance activities that involve writing or editing texts in several areas that do not overlap. The course is for any author or editor who wants to understand how to create effective texts for websites, mobile applications and social media. Describes the writing, editing and publishing of journals, focusing on the skills required for successful journal production.

What is the difference between writing and editing?

Writing has always been a basic part of writing and a distinct functionality, but since self-publishing, both on-line and in printed form, has become omnipresent, it is important for authors to do so. I' ve been writing messages and reports and opinions and other contents for papers and other medias, as well as these contributions - I will have done almost a thousand of them by the end of the year - but although I like to write, I actually like editing.

Authoring is a pro-active process: Writing is an act of creativity in which the author evokes the concept, the extent, the tone as well as the texture of the work. It' also a real challange, as it is the author's own responsability to create a full set of work.

Processing, on the other hand, is reactive: He or she is given a chunk of contents and his or her job is to hone the author's efforts and help him or her reach the goals he or she has achieved. It is also a challenging process not to complete the act of creativity, but to evaluate and supplement the play with care, consistency and thoroughness.

Typing is or should be a fluid progression; it is enticing to often revolve and shine back his strokes, but the most effective way is to make the whole thing and then check it, replace shallow words with livelier ones, reshape descriptive words and reshape platitudes, propositions, sentences a paragraph. To what extent does this check differ from the processing?

This is not the case, except for one benefit that the editors have and that is crucial to the effectiveness of the content: It' s his or her ideas, or an expression or an answer to another's ideas, and it is often labeled with the name of the author. On the other side, the journalist is passionless - more or less interested, perhaps even excited, but not possessing.

While the publisher has great prowess and a wish to improve the author's effort and make the play as good as possible, this happens at an intelligent distance. Authors should be meticulous about the design of the contents, following regulations and convention that range from decimal places to narratives.

If you are an editorial journalist who takes care of the mechanism and the shape, or a development journalist who designs and refines the whole, the idea of the author is in his hand, and that is as great a task as the author's mission to create his best possible work. To sign up and receive our daily e-mail writing tutorials and recommendations, click here.

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