Writing an Ebook for Amazon

Write an Ebook for Amazon

Let's click on Kindle eBooks and then on "Science & Math":. Or check Amazon's bestseller lists for ideas. I published my first eBook on Amazon Kindle about two years ago. But I didn't do it for the money.

And I did it simply because I wanted to publish a book.

ON HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK: Less than 7-14 jours that will make you cash forever

Exactly like me in my head, Darren Stock's ebook, is just that - a reference! Like many others I'm sure I've chosen to take my own jump into the field of becoming an ebook writer. I' ve looked through a lot of contents on this topic in the last few month and I have to say that I really like the succinct and rather straightforward instructions Darren has given me in his work.

Cute fraction from sometimes intensely elaborate (although some really good) contents from other ebook writers who cover this same subject. I' ve given "How to World an Ebook in Less Than 7-14 Days" five star, because now (finally) with what I learned from this Ebook, I am full speed ahead.

Thank you Darren, good work!

Getting Cash ($2,700/month) Publishing Amazon Kindle eBooks Without Writing - Passive Income Case Study

In order to help you take steps, I have a downloaded utility named The Beginner's Guide to Rapidly Self-Publishing Kindle eBooks - just roll down and you will see a blank in your best e-mail and I will mail it to you for free. Prior to the Middle Ages, the Great War, the advent of modern technologies and even the web, we had it.

Book is one of the few unambiguously identifiable cultural constant. However, with the advent of electronic music and the web, one thing has change and that is the eBook blast. Using Amazon, Kindle eBooks have become a thriving store, and all sorts of authors are establishing a name for themselves, and making a beautiful living.

Self-editing has turned the page upside down using the conventional publication method. He made about $2,700 a months posting eBooks on Amazon, and he didn't write a thing himself. As Saeed was writing me about it, I knew it was my obligation to tell his tale and to make this case studie on his first volume so that you could find out more about this opportunit.

What made you choose Kindle eBooks? So I was looking for a lucrative source of revenue (spending to make money). I' ve had some buddies who made a fortune on the App Store with the sale of applications, but I haven't had the guts to put that kind of cash into a job I'm not used to.

When I published a few vacancy specifications for my first eBooks, I realised how much easier it would be to find an editor than an application designer. The first eBooks I bought were $375. Twenty-five dollars I was paying to write the script, and I was paying $25 to have a professional-looking script artwork made for the script.

It was exactly two wards from the moment I made the decision to release an eBook until the date I got my first one. The first eBook was released on February 8, 2013, and my first sales came on February 10, 2013. What is the name of the work? So how much cash has this volume made you since you made it?

On September 30, 2014, this eBook amounted to a total of 2,401 US dollars. Non-American revenues are not included in this number. This number is actually much higher, but it would have taken a while to collect all the winnings from each of the regions in which the books are selling. Notwithstanding the fact that the eBook is still making consistent amounts of cash, and although sells have declined drastically since it was released, the present returns on 740% capital expenditure (and counting) and the 2014 median gain has been $47.11 per months (without any sells outside of America).

Consider that this moneys comes in from doing neutral work, and I have used the revenues from the first eBook to scale und publish more accounts that just like this. What was your decision for the eBook? Sifting through the Kindle bestseller lists, I took notice of what was already working.

On the Paleo Diet I noted a few textbooks in the bestseller list, so I dig a little more deeply into the topic. It was a great help to read client evaluations. They taught me a great deal about the store and what they did (and didn't do) about the best-selling Paleo series. I' ve seen many folks complain that they can't eaten the food they craved and that the prescriptions in the book were good but too intricate.

While I used Elance (now Upwork)[Arman's note: I use Upwork a great deal and strongly suggest it] to find a ghost writer, and I used Fiverr.com to employ a builder who designed my cover books. Scrivener[ also recommended] was a great utility that made it really simple for me to format the eBooks.

Scrivener is only recommended if you and your ghost writers both use a Mac. I' ve made an eBook upgrade - I've informed my reader about other eBooks I've come with, and the upgraded eBook I' ve posted to the Kindle Shop has missed some of them. A thorough preview of your eBook before it goes out to the general public is critical.

Only when I got some poor criticisms mentioning the lacking sections did I fix my bug. I' ve e-mailed Amazon's Help Centre and they have sent all purchasers a new one. I made another error when I engaged the same ghost writer for more eBooks in the same set.

He would do as good a work with the new book as with the real one, so I didn't have to have it proofread by my relatives and mates. So I got some poor criticism about the eBooks and quickly found that I should have been more thorough.

Now I' m asking my ghost writers to get parts of the script to me as soon as they're done. In this way I can give some brief readings to my relatives and acquaintances during the production phase and get their comments on the contents before it goes out to the people. What did you do to promote the eBook?

First, I got a little piece of evidence by buying copy of the eBook for reading on their Kindle equipment for your friend and loved one in return for an honest check. So I asked her to publish the reviews on the Amazon.com website so they could get their feedbacks.

Next I used the KDP promotions from Amazon, so my eBook was only available for one free eBook per year. I' ve post on Facebook, and a few sites that promote free eBooks. I was able to get more than 1200 free eBooks with this winning ebook downloads.

Later I found out that a large part of the communication came from a much-loved Facebook page called'Real Food', which made my free textbook available to its fans. Amazons also reward authors who give away many free eBooks by advertising them on the Amazon website. If I knew what I know now, I would have been paying a whole hell of a heap less for my first eBooks.

For the first pack of ledgers I came out with, I was paying somewhere around $0. 04/word. This eBook was a small one to invest in and I had the ability to come out with other 3 eBooks for 3 different alcoves at the very moment I began. That would have given me much more money from the revenue, much more opportunities to scale and a much better insight into the different Kindle Store outlets.

It' really simple to squander your time if you don't do the right research at the beginning. What are the 80/20 of success in publication? Which would need one of our reader, in order to get its first eBook and obtain a passive Einkommen? As I have already said, reviewing the book popularity will give a really good glimpse of what the public is looking for.

They already know the crowd is here, so just give them what they want - and make sure it's high enough - Amazon does the work. It really doesn't take much to post an eBook on Amazon. An eBook cost (I suggest to start at $0.99 until you get some review and sells - you can subsequently raise the price).

eBook submissions take less than 5 mins, and Amazon doesn't often take more than 24 hrs before your eBook goes out. I' ve found that your eBook is also available in pocket. Amazons has a affiliate named Createspace.com. As soon as you have your eBook on kdp.amazon.com you can use the same information to post your eBook on Createspace.

Create space will connect your pocket to your Kindle eBook and complete all your orders for you, so you don't have to do any additional work at your own end. They can order your own handbook and have a pocketbook copy shipped to your home. I' m happy to give my work as a gift and as a voucher copy to other firms who are interested in sell my work.

They can rate your pocketbook much higher than an eBook (I suggest between 12.95-19. 95 subject to your competition). Every time you sell, you will pay a much higher license fee than you would normally get through your eBooks. Myself, my textbooks make more medium of exchange by creating space than they do from Kindle eBook selling, so this 5 point acting is statesman than couturier it for any product you idea to filming.

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