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"Writing is a profession where you have to prove your talent over and over again." Lists up US agents listings . Only a handful of literary agents in the UK are available for SciFi/Fantasy, so if you don't achieve anything with them, it will be difficult.


I will be open from 1 to 15 September 2018. I' m working with authors in Scotland (although I don't necessarily write about Scotland). I' m looking for narratives (nature/literary memoirs/travel), pronounced detective stories and fictional literature. Entries for all children's magazines are currently not open. Lucy's schedule will reopen September 10-30, 2018.

Our subagents and relations with literature scouting networks enable us to offer translations of literature and non-fiction directly to publishing houses around the globe. In more than 20 countries such as Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Italy, Scandinavia and developing countries such as China and Korea, we have done business in more than 20 different language versions.

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"You probably gave my screenplay to the front office assistant to read," I once listened to a author say after he had sent his work to an operative. and his screenplay was on my desktop with many others. And it was good, so I gave it to the agents I was working for.

It may be hard to gain work experiences in your CV, but it's not inability. "There' s a great deal of help for new authors," says Jean, "Normally I would have thought the authors would have made as much use of it as possible. "Authors can access all these points of access without an agent," says Matt.

So if an agents enjoys your resume and chooses to take a look at your scripts, what do you hope to find? The more courageous and high-risk the concept, the less likely it is that something (production-wise) will occur, but the more likely it is that you will get an operative or get publicity.

" But " don't be tricky for the cause," says Jean. They all receive tens of requests a week, and because they focus on the authors they already serve, they accept very few new customers. This includes authors who have not reviewed the Agency's submissions policy (see below).

"But if the asset asks you to keep in contact or something else, it's okay to come back - but do it if you have something really new to say or show," says Georgina. "Or I' d try another operative - you want someone who loves your job.

Please review and adhere to the above (or other!) agents' entry policies before contacting them:

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