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Paessler. Explain. Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené's eagerly awaited, inspiring manual for young African girls, SLAY IN YOUR LORE, has been released today in a hardcover by Fourth Estate. Prior to release, SLAY IN YOUR LALE has been added to several leaderboards, among them The Observer's'18 for 2018', Elle's'12 habit addicting titles you need to study to get through 2018', Metro's'Best New Book 2018' and the BBC's'eagerly awaited 2018 Début Authors'.

Lit's Clarissa usually referred to it as "a work I can really wait for", and The Bookseller praises it as "a precious frame to browse the dark worlds of work - and existence - while it is dark and feminine". Featuring tales of Elizabeth Uviebinené and Yomi Adegoke's best friend, and featuring in-depth interview with tens of the UK's most acclaimed blacks, among them BAFTA award winner Amma Asante, British Vogue editor Vanessa Kingori and Olympics champion Denise Lewis, SLAY IN YOUR LANE is an indispensable read for a generations of blacks who are inspirational to find any area of their life's work.

The SLAY IN YOUR LAUNE will be the BBC Radio 4 next weekend (from July 9th). A short story about Yomi and Elizabeth and an excerpt from the script in The Times, here, and in The Observer, here. A prizewinning The Pool author and reporter.

She created Birthday Magazine in 2013, a book for young girl teenagers, and this year The Dots ranked her as one of the 200 female designers who redefine the creative industry. It was also designated as a "pioneer at the forefront" that brought the struggle to "a new generation", according to the Evening Standard.

She is a Brand Marketer from London; after her graduation from Warwick University in politics, she worked for some of the world's largest financial services companies and was appointed Marketing Manager. Congratulations for SLAY IN YOUR LANE:

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