Writing a True Story

Making a true story

Here Joan Jackson offers four advantages for the fiction of truth. A complete guide to writing autobiography, memoirs, personal essays, biographies, travel and creative articles. You want to sell what you write? Use the formula in your short stories, memoirs and even novels. While some may feel the urge to express themselves in writing, others may not.

Write a Memoir vs. Writing Your Live

The only place where he felt at ease was at home in Silver Lake, Ohio, with our family. I fictionalised this true story in my new novel Just in Time: Based on a True Story, with the aim of illustrating the everyday roller coaster of everyday living with schizophrenia.

When I decided to compose a novel against a memorandum, it was because of four benefits I saw in being fictional about the truth: Put plainly, "Based on a true story," it gave me the liberty to go beyond the real things and beyond the real person I know. As I fictionalised what I felt to be true, I was so immersed in the character that the character had room to move the story forward without the intervention of my part of vain efforts to remember the facts of what was said and done and when.

Whilst story telling was fact-based, I was able to adopt some of the characteristics of fiction: the creation of narrator personalities and sequences, interesting character presentations that are closely related to the purpose of the memoirs without the limitations. I broadened my fantasy to include new personalities and experiences that I took from and interacted with those I encountered, while retaining the true story's essential and powerful emotion.

Sylvia, for example, interviewed (to my mind) several possible coaches to interact with Steve (my brother's character), and I was able to incorporate (my own) experience into the sequence as I invented new personalities. Unplanned to do no writing about Trevor's substance abuse (a figure that' s sabotaged by my son), I came to the conclusion that it overlaps with insanity - they are both life-long illnesses - so I expanded the sequences with Sylvia (his mother) and Trevor because I felt the same desperation and desperation about his state.

This is intoxicating to me because a story can develop in an unforeseen way. Newspapers will tell you that if they tell a story that''s true event driven, writing it as a memory will sell better than being fictional. So, when I was asked to define the Just in Time category, I tripped. Rememoir was promoted by my editor, but from the author's point of views Remoir is in the first one.

He had most of the novel in his mind. I had invented a lot of his story. So I took some free and easy to research different genres. "This seemed to be the most appropriate for my work, but was not what my editor could use (my selection was between memoirs or novels).

Grown up in Silver Lake, Ohio, Joan Jackson studied at Ohio State University and studied France in Grenoble, France. Her knowledge of France led her from lecturing to running a Tahitian timber exporter in Oregon, which enabled her to tour the island of France.

Sharing between Los Angeles and her home in Silver Lake, Ohio, she takes care of the home of her shifthrenic single sibling. Their second novel, Just In Times, is inspired by the roller coaster journey of care for their brothers and is intended to give a better insight into life-long illnesses.

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