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Write a textbook

As the cost of textbooks rises today, you may be interested in writing your own textbook. The textbook guides students through rhetorical and task analysis, the writing process, research, citation, rhetorical modes and critical reading. It is a comprehensive introduction to the planning and creation of research work. From whom does the author assume that he will read this work? It is a textbook and workbook for English learners in secondary school or university.

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We are constantly looking at how best to teach children how to transform books into laptops - from the lively implementation of classes to the conversion of schoolbooks..... We are constantly looking at how best to teach children how to transform books into laptops - from the lively implementation of classes to the conversion of schoolbooks.....

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Atkins on textbook authoring

In the 1980s, the popularity of Peter Atkins' classical text book Physical Chemistry brought him to commercial research for full-time writers and teachers. The first in a five-part interview with writers who create scientific literature for a different public, Atkins shows how the reward for schoolbooks can be great, but the amount of work required can influence your research.

The aim of a schoolbook? In the ideal case, a notebook then becomes a lifelong partner. Which is a good scientific schoolbook? Authors have to introduce themselves as students, think and then note down what may confuse the students. That'?s the part you rember when you get to work.

What are text books made of? They are limited by the markets. Publishers know what the needs of the markets are. On my case, the editor had gotten a not very good suggestion for a textbook on Physics and came to me and said, "Can you do better? Recruiters are often looking for prospective writers; lecturers often contact a publishing house with an offer.

So what makes you want to take a note? I' ve never taken a class before. I' ve got a clear sense of direction, and I think I can attribute that to two things: first, I study a great many of my academic work; second, it's important to have a better grasp than the standard you want to exhibit in order to have the mental muscles and trust.

Large chemical textbooks have about 1,000 pages, and they are growing. This is your 9th issue - why so many overhauls? Overhauls have a pace that is determined by the markets. The revision of a volume lasts one year of transcription and one year of publication. Is the used equipment and equipment sector reducing turnover?

When the secondhand book store could be closed, it would last longer than 3 years and could be less expensive. There' s a way - to make ebooks [e-books] and destroy them after a year. What effect has the on-line layer had on the course book? Publishing houses can put the license on expiry in order to frustrate the second-hand trade.

You' re losing the stiffness of a genuine eBook because surfing is hard. Publishing houses are finding it more and more hard to get others to read schoolbooks. Where are the awards for so much work? There' s money reward. Isn' it a fact that writers can make billions out of schoolbooks? There can be substantial monetary bonuses, especially if they result in other schoolbook commission.

North America's biggest growth markets are first-semester populations, with around 200,000 college and college course books that can earn a lot of cash. What would you advise those who want to write a schoolbook? However, when I am gone, the future author of the book should realise that there are huge bonuses, not just intellect.

The Physical Chemistry of Peter Atkins was first released by Oxford University Press in 1978.

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