Writing a Successful Children's Book

Write a successful children's book

The celebrated author/illustrator Mem Fox said: "Writing for children is like "war and peace" in Haiku. "Would you like to write your own children's book? "If it's purely monetary, then there's no safe way, as you know for sure. ikes and his son were looking for a fascinating Christian book suitable for an elementary school student, and they couldn't find one. It will all cost some money, but it is an investment in future success.

Mystery of writing successful children's books: Mike Thomas interviews

A lot of folks ask me how to type for the kids and youth markets, and here is Mike Thomas to give the answer. He is the writer of The Secret of The Hidden Scrolls, a beloved set of Christians' children's books that he began because his boy had to do a book review for college.

He and his boy were looking for a intriguing religious book suitable for primary education, and they couldn't find one. So Mike decides to make a book for this alcove instead. Although he had never been a novelist before, Mike was committed and had the thought of becoming part of The Secret of The Hidden Scrolls franchise.

After the first book was ready about 6 week later, Mike's boy asked if he would be reading it to his group. Although he was a little jumpy about showing his artwork in the open, Mike was there. On the basis of some small changes Mike made on the basis of feedbacks from his son's classes and then went on to study in other primary schools.

It was a big success, and children kept asking Mike when he was going to do it! So Mike was wondering what to do next. With CreateSpace Mike asked a colleague to create the book artwork and did some illustration for the book. The book himself was released and he asked his local churches if they would put it in their libraries.

The following weekend, every copy was out of stock, and Mike was more optimistic about bringing the book to a wider audience. In this installment of The Portfolio Life, Mike tells how he found an operative, what his writing routine looks like from beginning to end, and how many scrolls are scheduled for The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls.

Mike and I will discuss it in this episode: What is one of the most difficult things you can do as an writer? And how did his backgrounds in the marketplace help him bring his book to the people? Which book was it that assisted him in his writing early on? How did Tim Grahl's children influence Mike's selection of music?

How big was his rig when he began writing these ledgers? What is the reason why most children's literature is traditional? If you are writing your story, remember to tell it to a kid. Do it for the kid, not for yourself. Before you send it to a publishers or publish it on Amazon, please make sure you check it out.

Ensure that it works and the child connects to it. Have you got an ideas for a children's or youth book?

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