Writing a small Book

Write a little book

Write a little book or ezine. In order to become an authority on any topic, you must write about it. Whilst the short answer is yes, this is not the reason to write a book. But I passed this little factor, just happy to have something to write on. If you write a short article, imagine explaining something complex to your nine-year-old child.

Write a little book or ezine

Starting to write may seem like a very difficult job. Ive found it always simpler to guess, to know that I will be paying someone to work on it later. When you don't know how to write, you'll probably have to practice teaching typeing with a piece of work like Mavis Beacon.

I' ve always been told to start with a typo and then go back and look for mistakes after entering your first page. The choice of the best piece of writing equipment is entirely up to you. On a personal level, I wrote a few sections of this volume with Google documents that came along with my gmail.com inbox.

It' a very good way to do this, because if your computer crashed, your files will be saved in the Google Club (online storage). All I' m typing with Microsoft Word now is because of the many great add-ins available. Books Design Wizard 2.0 is the first remarkable add-in for the author.

It allows you to organise your books sections, index them and give your books a look and feel of profession. I' ve actually used it for this one. It is recommended to enter each section in a Word file and add it later to the main one.

In this way, you can bring in sections as you go. Use the next application to generate ebooks or e-pubs. The Wikipedia description of an EPOB is as follows: EPOB is intended for re-flowable contents, i.e. the text can be optimised for the respective indicator of the readers of the EPOB-formatted text.

This is because you want to make your information available to all your eBookers. Whether you believe it or not, eReaders are the way of the unknown and more and more consumers are buying them. I' m checking my books on a Nook Color and Nook 3G plus WIFI.

When you buy an e-reader, I suggest a Nook Color. In order to generate an EPUB document, you need to install a program Apose. It' free - at least it was when I was downloading it. The EPUB program will take your Word documents and generate an EPUB document that you can post to the Barnes and Nobles self-publishing site www.Pubit.com or the Kindle site of Amazon.com.

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