Writing a Short Book

Write a short book

tuart Evers shares his thoughts on writing short stories, from inspiration to the meaning of practice. Hickey is a writer and short story writer. It has won many prestigious awards, including the Irish Novel of the Year Award. Wait - a short story and a novel are completely different animals, aren't they? A short story is a much smaller obligation than writing a full-length novel.

As short storytelling can make your novels better

Only very few scriptwriters go a smooth way from creativity to publishing. But in our fast-moving, success-driven environment, where Olympia winners hardly have any diapers left and the concept of "success overnight" is often used in their mouths, emerging poets often have unattainable hopes. Apart from being passionate and talented by birth, there is a wealth of abilities to master in every job.

But I started with a completely different kind, the Kurzgeschichte. I used the film as a practice area to develop my endurance and prepare myself for the long journey. Because of its relatively brief nature, it was a small, attainable target. Besides, the narrative told me to be concise.

In a good film every single term deserves its place on the site; there is no room for bacon. Featuring little room for long exposure, the narrative draws strongly on what is not said to have recruited the readership to fill the blanks. In fact, many people actually choose to deal with and interprete a narrative rather than just being lazar.

A further lesson: Good typing attributes wisdom to the readers. That' s why I found it freeing to write for them. This way I was able to compete with the written word. They also structured my calendars and help me disciplin my typing practices, while over the years I developed a story book and typing profiles, which turned out to be priceless when it came to submission of my first novel to publishing houses.

It also influenced my novel in other ways - as a source of ideas for my next series. It' mostly full of small tales that have denied being packed into tens of thousands of words - tales that turn into something more. In fact, the brief history is a real masterpiece, and because of its conciseness no less than an accomplishment.

The Raymond carvers of the literature scene, whose small plots open onto such vast expanses of landscape, I have great admire. It is no big deal that I found the book to be a useful instrument for refining my work. Someone once told me (and I don't know to whom I can credit it) that a novel is like a photo exhibit and a brief history is just a photo.

And Fiona also does shorter story writing.

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