Writing a Plot Outline

Write a plot structure

Expand character summaries into more detailed character sheets. Explore how to write an action that appeals to your readers and keeps them busy until the end. Make a list of the possible consequences you might have in your property survey. Then, choose one as a counterpoint to your chosen story goal. Begin by writing a summary for each of your three files.

Plot Skeleton Podcast: Allows you to create a plot structure.

An action frame can also be described as a storyline - the texture or the naked bone of a storyline. The topic of this Podcasts is how to create a succesful plot with character, plot and highpoint. Plot outlines have many different titles; one of our favourites is the plot frame.

No matter what you are referring to, the plot is what stops your storyline if you know how to use it - or make it crumble if you don't do it. When you already have a storyline and are writing your own history, you need to think about how you want to finish your novel.

Think of our mantra: A plot is a complicated plot, followed by a plot-resolving. It is important to keep an eye on plot structure when writing a bookseries; each books must have its own plot, an action that is completed within its own pages.

There are 7 ways to create a plot structure

For as long as I care, **every** way is FINE - as long as you're done! However, one thing I am in favour of - no matter what media you are in - is writing a sketch. And yes, I am following my own counsel.... I am writing a draft for the plot of my next novel NOW!

Sure, there are those happy authors who find writing fiction and screenplays simple to make unconscious and good fortune for them (bastards). From my experiences of working with literary writing, however, I still believe that there is no author ALIVE who can't do a "better" task (whether that means a "faster" task or *something else*) simply by getting to work and writing this draft!

However, writing a sketch is difficult, which is why so many of us don't want to do it.... So thanks to @nownovel for this great info graphic, which breaks off the proces. At B2W Before About Outlines:

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